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Bounty Killer Bashful About Greatest Deejay Voice Accolade From Cham – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 31, 2021

Dancehall legend Bounty Killer gave a magnanimous response when asked about the recent declaration made by Dancehall superstar Cham, that he had the greatest deejay voice in the history of Dancehall.

The Coppershot artist was asked by Intense host Sanjay in a recent episode of the programme how he felt to be given such an accolade by the Billboard-charting artist.  But Bounty, while admitting that his voice was special, seemingly chose not to let the flattery get to his head and blow his own trumpet, but instead paid homage to several other Dancehall artists whom he said had outstanding voices, including Cham himself.

“Oh, well, I feel I have a great voice yes.  And other artistes have great voice. I admire couple odda people with great voice too, but mightbe they don’t experiment with theirs like mine.  But I think other great voices are here, you know,” the Callaloo Bed native said, bashfully.

When asked to name some of the voices that he admired Bounty pointed to the Energy Gad and the booming voices of several former members of his Alliance outfit.

“Yea, I admire voices like Elephant Man.  I admire voices like Baby Cham as well, voices like Assassin, Busy Signal – especially Aidonia.  You have some great other vocalist here too.  I might just mess around and do all type a crazy stuff, with my own – unorthodoxically,” the Warlord said.

During an interview with veteran entertainment journalist Anthony Miller on Television Jamaica’s The Entertainment Report in July, Cham had declared that Bounty Killer had the greatest deejay voice in the history of Dancehall, unmatched by any of his predecessors or his contemporaries.

The Ghetto Story artiste had pointed out that the Warlord’s booming voice and commanding delivery, have put him in a class by himself and at the pinnacle of Dancehall deejaying.


Cham was discussing his musical relationship with legendary producer Dave Kelly, when he mentioned to Miller, that he had encouraged Bounty to voice for the Pepperseed producer, as he knew that whatever they came up with in the studio, would be nothing short of masterpieces.

“Because just him (Bounty Killer’s) deejay technique to me is rawest, purest delivery I have ever heard from anyone you see deejaying in studio,” Cham explained.

“Mi study Shabba, mi study Buju, study Beenie, study Major Worries, Yellowman – and none a dem, to me caan deejay like Bounty Killer.  Mi naw guh seh Killa is the best lyricist or di best writer, but deejay,” the Calabar High School old boy had said.

Cham had also concurred with Miller that Bounty Killer’s songs Anytime on the Brukout riddim in 1999 and Poor People Fed Up which were written by Kelly, and recorded at his Madhouse studios, were instant classics because of the One General’s style and vocals, and especially his “aggression”.

In the meantime, Bounty says he has been enjoying his time in studio preparing for his Junior Gong executive-produced King of Kingston album, which is set for release in December.

“He is just a great vibration.  He is just all positive all good vibes.  Both of us inspire each other and we take advice from each other so it’s just easy working with Junior Gong. It is no struggle,” he said.

“They are people who allow you to bring out whatever you have inside.   A no no stuck-up producer or artiste, yuh nuh.  It’s not a Bounty and a  Marley vibes.  A just two man inna di building an wi just vibes and bring out great joy,” he added.

Bounty had said that some of the most iconic Dancehall and Reggae artistes, as well as several Hip Hop legends would be featured on King of Kingston, among them Barrington Levy, Sanchez, Chronixx, his members of his “pure four”: Bling Dawg, Busy Signal and Wayne Marshall; Vybz Kartel, “possibly” Mavado, Richie Stephens, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg.

King of Kingston is coming 19 years after the release of Ghetto Dictionary, Bounty’s last album, which was released by VP Records in 2002.

During a recent Onstage interview, Bounty had said that King of Kingston was going to be another tour de force.

The Seaview Gardens native, who has long-said he would not rush to complete the album, had also pointed out that he was also cognizant of the fact that his fans were waiting with bated breath for its release.

However, he said he would only release it when the time is absolutely right, as he always ensures that his album tracks are always meticulously written and produced before being put in the public domain.

Written by Rebel Nation


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