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Bounty Killer Says He’s Defending ‘Rule Of Law’ Not Richie Stephens – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | October 3, 2021

Bounty Killer has appealed to his female fans to not misconstrue his analysis of the Richie Stephens rape allegations as biased, after a bevy of them accused him, yesterday, of taking sides.

According to the Warlord, he only came to a ‘not guilty’ conclusion based on the determination of the singer’s innocence by the Australian police who investigated the matter, and not due to any curry-favour associated with his longstanding musical relationship with the Westmoreland native.

The two have collaborated on over a dozen duets over the last two decades, including Pot Of Gold, Maniac, Magnet, Out Cry, and Luv-a-Dub Style.  Stephens is also among the lineup of the artists that will appear on Bounty’s upcoming King of Kingston album.

On Saturday evening, Bounty Killer shared Stephens’ video on his Instagram page in which the Body Slam artist had denied accusations of rape, made by beatboxer  General Ling, who is contending that he assaulted her in November 2019, while on his Jamaican Flava tour in Australia.

“Thanks on the behalf of the public bro!” Bounty’s initial post caption had read, immediately sparking a firestorm among many of his female fans.

Unlike Stephens’ page where there was an outpouring of support for the Bad Bull singer, Bounty clashed with some of his followers who said they did not believe anything that his former Specs/Shang stablemate had said.

Among those who were up in arms was thegoddess_marcia, who wrote in response to the video: “This tells me nothing!”

In Stephens’ defence, Bounty, in a terse reply to her, wrote: “@thegoddess_marcia It tells me that he was detained and a proper investigation was carried out in which he was set free after bcuz there wasn’t enough evidence to match the allegations so what more were u listening out for though?”

“Unuh Jamaican parasite u would rather to believe the allegations than the truth of the matter.  If she couldn’t proof her case to the police why she even made that video now it’s her word against his so should we believe her when the police didn’t?” he added.

On the same thread, the next person, Bounty sought to out-argue was developedbymax, after she told him she was disappointed in his response to Stephens’ story.

“@grunggaadzilla wow for a person with daughters your response is quite frightening. I hope you have the same energy if it was your own daughter. This is sad AF… very disappointing,” she wrote.

Seemingly rattled, Bounty responded: “@developedbymax Lady stop get emotional unuh too quick fi run wid hearsay and beliefs the f_ck my kids has to do with a discussion?  Old dead if u believe that’s ur business can u prove what u believe no then shut the f_ck up.”

His response though, was met with a stern reprimand by developedbymax, who accused him of being rude to women in his comments.

“@grunggaadzilla you’re the one getting emotional SIR. At the moment it’s her word against his and his words against hers. There’s no evidence presented. I didn’t condemn either one of them in my comment. Yet you have condemned the lady and became extremely disrespectful towards women in your comments…. Women that you don’t even know. That is why I said ‘this is so disappointing… SIR why are you so vested into this? That’s the real question,’” she replied.

Richie Stephens, Bounty Killer

Many of his female fans, some of whom said they were victims of abuse, raised hell after Bounty made a comment that many of the women who were condemning Stephens were, in his mind, victims of sexual assault and so, out of bias, were unwilling to ignore the singer’s account of what transpired.

“I think lots of the women in the comments was once fondled or raped b4 that’s why so much emotion and ignorance to the fact that this was properly investigated. If investigation did found evidence to be not true R Kelly would be a free man today so why the hell Richie is still being prosecuted when investigation had proven his innocence?” he had argued.

However meeting his comments with chagrin was 2badoffcialalliance.

“@grunggaadzilla my emotions from the sexual assults I have experienced has nothing to do with this.   I am very capable of separating my feelings from my experiances,” 2badoffcialalliance replied.

“@grunggaadzilla Yes, a lot of women have been victim of sexual assault, and isn’t that sad? Because the majority of the perpetrators are walking around free, because many women are scared of reporting it for various reasons, so Bounty you are my artist, but don’t get too caught up in defending Richie Stephens that you start stating insensitive comments that can do further damage to rape victims! Black men, I know you protect each other, but can you give us a little of that protection also? I believe that’s one of the reasons God created YALL!! Just saying!’ capri.queen_ said.

“@grunggaadzilla i dont think women that are fondled or raped or sexually assulted should be mocked,” she added.

Bounty took on capri.queen_, and pointed out that he was at no time defending Richie, but was more or less pointing out that the police had vindicated the singer.

“U didn’t heard me defending him bcuz he has proven not guilty in this situation so I don’t need to defend I’m defending that fact of the matter that a investigation proven the allegations to be baseless so this case is null simple,” he said.

However capri.queen_ charged at him again.

“@grunggaadzilla Like I said a lot of women has been raped and that’s a known fact, so to use that as a reason why women is being emotional on here is insensitive and inconsiderate… if you went out of your way to post this on your platform and arguing with everyone who has something different to say about the situation, that’s defending him,” she said.

Seemingly perturbed by the responses of the women, and trying to appease those who accused him of being insensitive, the Its OK artiste edited his initial video post caption to reflect that his stance was predicated on the ‘rule of law’ and not ‘Richie the entertainer’.

“Let me state this clear I’m not defending Richie as y’all know he’s my (bro) but instead defending the rights and innocence of any person that until proven guilty I won’t believe though,” Bounty added.

Written by Rebel Nation


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