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Brick & Lace Singer Nyla Welcomes Baby Girl, Launches ‘Love Is Wicked’ Merch With Sisters – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 3, 2021

Brick & Lace singer Nyla Thorbourne is now a mom-of-two, as she welcomed the arrival of her baby girl, Bellamy Aria Gooden late last month.

The Jamaican artist shared the touching moment with her Instagram fans on August 21 when she was still at the hospital ‘recovering’ after a tiring pregnancy and delivery of her ‘pretty big 8 pounds, 5 ounces baby girl.’

“My Princess is here guys!” she announced. “Miss Bellamy Aria Gooden. Pretty big baby 8pds 5oz . Thank you lord for bringing her into the world safely. I’m here recovering …the moms out there know what’s up when I say that,” she continued.

This is Nyla’s second child—her son Liam was born in December 2017—and it appears she’s a little concerned about ‘bouncing back,” admitting the process this time around may take some time.

“I’m not about rushing any bounce-back goals. With time everything will be how it’s supposed to,” she said.

“Too much pressure is put on mother’s to bounce back into shape. Shit man we just grew a human for 9 months, a life, an actual person. Take your damn time moms. #sooverit ” she added.

Speaking to THE WEEKEND STAR today, Nyla expressed how unpredictable pregnancy can be and how different this journey was for her. “I felt a lot more fatigued this pregnancy. Of course, every pregnancy is different but I think the actual delivery was quicker than with my son,” she said.

The Love Is Wicked singer is looking forward to her recovery now and isn’t too concerned with how long it may take because women, especially new moms, deserve time to heal. “The first week after delivery was rough, but I’m slowly getting back to myself,” she said, adding, “I’m feeling much better now; just giving thanks for my beautiful baby girl.”

Up until mid-June, the singer was pushing through her routine pregnancy workouts though she was feeling less energized.

“Hey mommas! Just wanted to share how I keep it tight during #pregnancy,” she said in an Instagram share. “This time around I feel so much bigger (I know I know, I’m growing a human and I am super grateful) and I def have a lot less energy. I try to keep the movements as controlled as possible and get in the workouts when I can,” she added.

It doesn’t seem like Nyla is planning on going down this road again however, she told the newspaper, “I have my son, and now my girl… I’m good with my pair. No more for me,” she said with a laugh.

As for the name Bellamy Aria, Nyla said she instantly knew it was the one when she came across it on the internet. “It just popped out at me as I really wasn’t loving anything else,” she said.

Bellamy, she said, means ‘beautiful friend’ and Aria has two meanings, ‘gold’ and ‘song’; the latter was the little ones’ daddy’s pick.

Nyla and her sisters Tasha and Nyanda Thorbourne formed Brick & Lace back in 2004. They received momentous success upon the release of their breakthrough single, Love Is Wicked in 2007. The album of the same title was the first release from international recording artiste-producer Akon’s KonLive Distribution label. They are also known for other hit tracks like Bad To Di Bone, Get That Clear and Push It Up.

In 2013, the sisters moved in different directions creatively, Tasha Thorbourne decided to take on a behind-the-scene position, co-writing songs for the group but the band Brick & Lace had remained a priority.

Eight years later, they have successfully launched their Love Is Wicked merchandise line to include their sister Tasha. Nyla, however, will have to take things slow now after welcoming home baby Bellamy.

“Right now, I’m focusing on being a mom. I haven’t been recording as much, I have more so been focusing on running the business with my sisters and looking into real estate investments with my husband. It’s definitely still a balancing act. For me it’s ‘get it in when I can’,” Nyla said.

Written by Rebel Nation


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