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Ce’Cile Lists Being Asthmatic As One Reason She Got Vaccinated – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 20, 2021

Days after her Downsound Entertainment stablemate Skatta Burrell disclosed that he overcame COVID-19, Ce’cile has announced that she took her second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine six weeks ago and was no longer allowing unvaccinated persons into her house, as she was asthmatic, and therefore highly vulnerable.

“So… as of July 2, 2021 I was fully vaccinated. I took the AstraZeneca. Of course I was hesitant about taking this new vaccine but I don’t see a way forward without it If I’m to look at the big picture,” Ce’cile wrote on her Instagram page on Wednesday.

“I’m not encouraging anyone who doesn’t want to take it, but I’d encourage people to look at the research and see if there is another way coming out of this with our lives and our businesses and our houses and our savings without being able to get back to life OUTSIDE. OR if you think there won’t be a third wave and a fourth wave and more lockdowns and less face to face schools without vaccination,” she added.

The Manchester native said, based on her assessment, the future was looking dim, and options were few, thus her decision.

“The reality is many people are dying, more will die, many of us will lose EVERYTHING. If it’s only a matter of delaying and denial until the USA says you can’t travel without it, or until our kids are so behind in schools, or until we have lost everything then maybe we need to rethink,” she mused.

Ce’cile pointed to the lackadaisical attitude of some of her friends who have ended up contracting the virus after failing to take the prevention protocols seriously, noting that this was among the reasons unvaccinated persons were now banned from entering her house.

“I’m no longer allowing people in my homes without them being vaccinated. I simply cannot afford to,” she explained.

“I’ve seen how even friends of mine have been careless and nonchalant and In DENIAL about Covid until THEY CAUGHT IT. And had I been a different careless person or not vaccinated I probably would have been around them and caught it but the difference was I HAVE ASTHMA and I may not have been as lucky as they were to overcome it,” she stated.

On Monday her friend and Dancehall music producer Skatta Burrell, revealed that he had contracted and recovered from COVID-19, and that the experience was horrific.

Skatta said he was plagued with all the associated symptoms including fever, diarrhea, aching joints, headache, vomiting, incent coughing and shortness of breath.  “There were times I could not catch no breath no matter how hard I tried. It took me 14 days to get to a point where I felt I was recovering…Folks as a very recent survivor I can honestly say this COVID-19 is real and very, very dangerous. Lots of People have minimal to no side effects and get thru it in days but I wasn’t that fortunate,” the Coolie Dance producer had said.

On Wednesday Ce’cile also alluded to the fact that the protracted lockdown due to the virus was proving to be financially burdensome for her.

“I looked at THAT N realized each of us has the responsibility not just for ourselves but each other. I’m still wearing my mask, still staying in as much as possible and getting broker by the minute,” she said.

After being taken to task by some of her followers, who had countered her argument by stating that the vaccine was no guarantee that she would not still get infected, Ce’cile made an addition to her initial post.

“I came back to add: if you are vaccinated it doesn’t mean u can’t catch covid…don’t be careless. I’ve never seen any Vaccination info that stated 100 efficacy…none,” she wrote.

“Vaccination prevents u from contracting the virus up to a high percentage …but in the event u do, ure body is likely to fight it, as opposed to if you were not vaccinated….however still wear your mask… social distance, same way, cause if you are out and about behaving risky you are at some risk of catching and passing the virus on as well, she said.

Her comment about banning unvaccinated people from her house though, did not go down well with her compatriot Razor B.

“This is what i don’t understand…before people get vaccinated they were around people but as soon as them get vaccinated they don’t want no one around them like they can’t get COVID and spread COVID …,” the Bruk fi mi Back artiste said on ZJ Sparks IG page where Ce’cile’s post was shared.

“If we all get vaccinated we still have to wear mask, social distance and protect ourselves same way… vaccinated or unvaccinated.. everyone is equal.. wait the vaccine mash up some unuh brain or Wah !!??? Mi fully vaccinated and I don’t feel that way about the unvaccinated…you all have a choice just choose what’s best for you simple,” he added.

Written by Rebel Nation


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