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Cham Urges New Dancehall Artists To Train Like Elite Athletes – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 27, 2021

Another Level artist Cham has joined his counterpart Elephant Man in cautioning new Dancehall artists to undertake physical training to keep their fitness levels up, in other words: train like elite athletes such as Usain Bolt.

Like Elephant, Cham is arguing that keeping fit will ensure that they are able to cope with the rigors of lengthy performances and tours.

Known for his high-energy performances and his superb breath control, Cham posted a throwback video of himself performing at a stage show in his early 20s and gave some sound advice for delivering strong performances and preventing exhaustion, and ultimately embarrassment.

According to Cham, he would religiously train on the beach as a track star or footballer would, every single morning to ensure he was in top form, as he knew his stage performances would either make or break him, as it was just as critical as voicing in the studio.

“‘To all new artiste’ you have to train like an elite level athlete in order to deliver your songs at the highest level,” Cham wrote. “I would run the sands at bull bay (9 mile) every morning to get myself ready for tours and concerts!!”

“Take my advice… hard work the key to success!!” he warned.

Cham was endorsed by Bounty Killer who responded: “MAN WICKED and “BUNGING!!!”.  Wayne Wonder also co-signed the comment and video, as did Razor B.

Foota Hype, who has heavily criticized new artists such as Jahvillani for weak performances, also chimed in. “Dem better know that,” the selector declared.

Another of Cham’s followers, reggaemusicforever, the Babylon Bwoy artist for giving the tidbit of advice.

“Bredda… it would be great drop more posts like this. The newcomers have to hear more about the vet’s preparation or creative process. I don’t think we have enough of this going on in Dancehall/Reggae… just like how Kobe chronicled his ‘Mamba mentality’ or even a Lebron… his worth ethic & preparation is unworldly. Great caption,” he wrote.

A few weeks ago, Elephant Man, like Cham, cautioned upcoming Dancehall artists to eat well and keep physically fit, in order to keep apace with grueling tours and performances in the future. At the time the Billboard-charting artist said his high energy performances have always paid off for him as Dancehall fans are always expecting that artists will come with their A-Game to the stage, for which a high level of physical fitness is critical.

Elephant Man, who is now 45, told Next Frideh host Teino Evans that in the 1990s, when he was touring extensively and featuring at huge concerts across the United States, it was his natural stamina that enabled him able to command the stages and give his audiences spectacular performances.

He said in those days, he was able to do this without having to go to the gym or pay attention to his diet, unlike today when he is paying more attention to health and nutrition.

According to the Signal di Plane artist, his acrobatic performances then, which included at times, climbing to the top of the trusses to deejay, would have been even more explosive if he were aware of the benefits of exercising and eating well.

“Dem time deh me neva did a guh gym and woek out.  So imagine f me dia a work out dem time deh like now, a trouble.  Dem woulda seh mi a teck coke,” he told Teino.

Elephant, who, like Cham, has impressive breath control, also told Teino that he had mastered a performance technique that other artists could adopt, where he breathes through his nose when singing and not through his mouth.  As a consequence he said, no sounds of deep breathing or raspy breaths will ever be heard coming from him.

Written by Rebel Nation


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