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Court Action Pending – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 15, 2021

The mushrooming saga between Spice and the promoters of Chug It over the Queen of Dancehall’s non-performance at a Miami show in early September continued today with fresh allegations from each side.

The escalating tensions seem to be entering a new phase where litigation seems unavoidable as Spice’s lawyers have issued a statement that largely ignored a September 15 ultimatum by the promoter’s lawyers to refund the performance fee of US$38,773 and apologize for allegedly defamatory statements made on Instagram.

Spice is being represented by Ayisha Robb in Jamaica and US-based attorney-at-law Darrell Thompson who sent a release to the press headlined:  ‘Spice’s lawyers respond. No apology! No refund!’

The statement comes after Spice defended herself on Instagram Live, following Chug It’s threat of legal action over the failed show and the alleged damages that ensued.

Today, the So Mi Like It singer’s legal team laid out their version of the events that led to the singer’s non-performance in Miami including seven instances in which they say Spice’s contract was breached by Wright, starting with the much-disputed time at which the dancehall artist was scheduled to perform.

“She was not required to perform before 9 p.m. The contract stipulated she would perform no later than 11:30 p.m. without any mention of an earlier performance time,” the release said.

However, Peter Champagnie, QC, the lawyer for Chug It promoter, Andrew ‘French’ Wright, contends that Spice breached the contract by arriving at the venue at 9:25 p.m., despite being paid in full, six hours before the agreed performance time.

He did not appear to be pleased that his client’s letter to Spice had been publicly disseminated.

“A letter on the instructions of my client was written to Miss Hamilton. That it’s contents and responses to same appear now to be in the public’s domain is most unfortunate. Points of contention will often arise between contacting parties and the ultimate way to resolve these are through the courts, if not amicably settled,” Champagnie told DancehallMag.

A few days ago, Champagnie had sent a letter to Spice, demanding a full refund for her appearance on the Chug It event, giving a September 15, 2021 deadline by which time to make the payment in full.


“Further, in response to her defamatory allegations, Wright has also demanded a written public apology, as well as the removal of her offensive and baseless Instagram posts,” Champagnie said.

Spice attorney’s trotted out their client’s earlier statements that she bought her own ticket from New York to Florida and noted that “The credit card was declined by two different airlines for three of the tickets, two [for] people in Jamaica and one in New York.”

The attorneys stated that ‘no transportation was provided for Spice on her arrival in Miami’, and that no ground transportation nor security personnel was provided for the artist by Wright in Miami.

The lawyers also lodged a counter-claim that Wright had also tarnished Spice’s reputation.

“Wright proceeded to defame/tarnish Spice’s brand and reputation on social media, and this matter will be pursued through the courts. Spice (The Queen of Dancehall) has been performing for over 20 years both locally and overseas and has always been present and on time for her shows,” the release ended.

Written by Rebel Nation


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