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D’Angel Drops JA$16 Million On New BMW X4 – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 27, 2021

The ever-relevant Dancehall diva D’Angel has just snagged herself a new BMW X4 and showed off the paperwork to prove that it’s really hers and that she paid $16 million (about 105,000 USD) cash.

The Exposed singer shared the moment when she picked up her new whip at the dealership in an Instagram post today. She wrote in the caption, “When God’s about to bless you and take you to another level stay humble” along with a video clip doing a little celebratory dance.

In other videos online, D’Angel amps up the festivities even further by flaunting her pricey purchase in her hater’s faces while posing in her ‘new new’ champagne-tinted ride.

“You, couldn’t do this!” she boasted in one of the clips. Then in a challenge added, “Do this make me see you?”

The I’m Blessed singer then tossed her hair to the sides and ended, “Stay in a yuh lane,” as her crew is heard laughing in the background.

In proving that the lavish coup was one done on her own merit, D’Angel proceeded to enlighten viewers that she in fact bought the BMW with her own money so critics wouldn’t get it twisted.

“My name deh pon di title, right desso, miiine! A nuh man buy this give me,” she said. Unlike ‘some gyal’, she owns her car and doesn’t have to worry about a man (ex) taking it from her. “You have some gyal man buy dem tings in a dem name and take it back,” the singer continued.

If you weren’t convinced yet, D’Angel took things a step further by showing everyone the BMW’s motor vehicle registration, bearing the owner’s name, (her real name ‘Michelle Downer’), home address, the car model, year, etc. and of course added, “16 mil, no bank, cash!” to reveal she forked out the millions from her own pocket.

The Dancehall star revealed that she’s been banking paper on OnlyFans since her entry on the platform last year. By late 2020, she was seen window-shopping for a Porsche and said she could easily buy a house if she wanted from the money she had been earning on OnlyFans.

Many commented on the IG share, “Big up only fans ” and “BC only fans a wuk fi yuh muma.” One guy said he needed his girl to sign up right away, “Me affi go make me girl sign up pon dah only fans sitting deh .” While one female said she was signing up now, “Only fans here I come.”

Another follower pointed out that others shouldn’t jump to conclusions on how D’Angel acquired her new ride. “All when anuh only fans, onuh ago say a only fans money laud jesaass man…. onuh leggo d lady kmt,” she commented.

OnlyFans has a community of 130 million users and over two million creators who have earned over $5 billion on the platform. D’Angel joined OnlyFans in June 2020 and now has a massive 15.3 thousand likes and 301 posts.

She dubs herself the “Long And Lean DOLL” and in her intro wrote, “Welcome to my Ultra Sexy, Revealing, Provocative And Flirtatious world. Contents will be uploaded daily. Custom content is also available DM for yours. Get to know me more.”

Earlier this month, the adult-only platform announced that effective October 1, “OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content containing sexually explicit conduct”. They added that creators “will continue to be allowed to post content containing nudity as long as it is consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy”.

Then, on August 25, they issued a retraction statement on Twitter, which read, “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change. Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard.”

While many thought this would have posed a problem for D’Angel, she admitted the new guideline didn’t have any potential effect on her personally since her focus of late has been on her upcoming EP, Exposed and other exciting projects.

“At this time, I have to decline on all matters concerning OnlyFans and their new policies as I’m busy working on several projects, including my EP, a television series, and a surprising project that is long overdue,” she told THE STAR when the ban was still in effect.

For the first time in her 16-year solo career D’Angel will finally release her debut project, titled Exposed, that’s expected to launch in a few months. “I’ve finished my EP and it will definitely showcase my talent. I decided to buckle down and focus on working on the EP, which has seven tracks,” D’Angel told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

“The EP will showcase the sexiest side of D’Angel. Sex sells in a tasteful way, and I believe I embody that,” she continued. Producers on the seven-track project include veterans Sly and Robbie, as well as Blaq Sheep Music. D’Angel also dabbled in the production aspect of the project.

The model-turn-Dancehall singer made her solo debut in 2005 with the catchy Living Uptown single produced by Danny Champagnie.

“It’s a blessing to still be here after 16 years. The journey has been from transition to the next. From modelling to music. Initially, people tend to not give me the respect that I deserved. I have had so many highlights over the years and I have been through a lot. Even conflicts with my music,” she shared.

Among her hits are Blaze, produced by Arif Cooper; Stronger, an autobiographical tale that spoke about the struggles and the disappointments that she experienced in her life; No Worries, featuring Spice; Can’t Love You Good, featuring G Whizz; One Man with Beenie Man; Babyfather, featuring Vybz Kartel; and Love Is, featuring Cocoa Tea.

“I’m so grateful to still be here and to still be relevant. Understanding my demographics where my music is concerned and knowing who I am catering to have kept me going. I try to keep my music relatable and real. My music has a message, and I want to tour the world with my music,” she added.

Written by Rebel Nation


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