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Dexta Daps’ White “Squeeze Mi” Pants Reaches The Limit After Exciting Female Fans – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 27, 2021

A daring Dexta Daps, took his sex symbol status to another level last week when he strutted onto Philadelphia and DC stages to perform while rocking trousers that might hold the record for being the tightest worn by a male artist in Dancehall history.

So tight were the garments, that they left almost nothing to his female fans’ imagination. The pants also left their tongues wagging, with many expressing glee, surprise and even consternation, while others doubled over in laughter when one of the trousers gave way as Daps performed.

The comments from his fans were hilarious, as the Vent artist brought back memories of retro rock star fashion from the 1960s and 70s, where stars like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr, Tom Jones and David Bowie wore overly-fitted, or several sizes too small pants, commonly known as “squeeze mi balls” in Jamaica.

In his first “tight pants” post, Dexta posted an image of himself and his bass guitarist Maxx in action during his Vent show in Philadelphia. “Kech movessss…how we look?  Philly???????@maxx749_bassie Dnt tell me u missed lastnight,” he wrote in part.

Amidst the scores of responses that hailed Seaview Gardens native for an explosive and outstanding performance, there were several from fans whose main focus was on Dexta’s “extra tight white pants”.

“I couldn’t focus pass ya pants,” yonnib88 wrote, while shaytauna added: “Dah pants deh just suck on suh…”

“Ur tights/jeans (or wtever) is way to smalllll fi u ,” kartellove wrote, pointing out the unsurety about the material from which Dexta’s trousers was made.

Dexta Daps’ second post was a video of himself singing the duet Nosey Neighbours with, and then lifting a hefty Ikaya, who did salacious things to him before grabbing him by the throat, resulting in cheers from the audience. There were more wild screams from the mainly female audience as the two fell to the floor, even as a security guard at stage-front kept glancing up at the two performers to see what the excitement was about.

The commentary rained again about the tight white pants, as some women said they were perplexed, and could not figure out how Dexta squeezed into the tiny garment.

“Mi waah kno how him get Inna d pants,” dsassyone wrote wryly, while kerryannmartin added: “Y dexta can’t wear pants tht naw squeeze up him thing?”

Others scolded the Breaking News artist and issued him with “cease and desist’ notices. “U fi tap wear them pants deh enuh,” sassi_shani while sherene347 in response, expressed utter confusion.

“@dsassyone look at the buff.  Something is wrong man,” she said.

Other female fans found Dexta’s onstage antics while rocking the pants hilarious, contending that it was so provocative that they found it difficult to focus anywhere else but just below his waist.

“Why Dexta pants front won’t behave itself????? Come on man lol,” cheftarikas teased, to which inga_babes replied: “@cheftarikas him kno whey him a do wid dat ‘squeeze mi d_ck and balls’ pants deh”, while sheisloyal34 chimed in: “@cheftarikas he needs a jockstrap ”.

One follower selinasexy11 told the Calabar High School old boy that she was not impressed with the work of whomever styled him.

“Your pants are very tight you need a new stylist daps,” she noted, while mzmonalisa1125 concurred: “@selinasexy11 love him bad but it look like someone painted on his pants”.

After his follow-up performance the next night in Washington DC, an amused Dexta reported that another similar tight white pants had given way.

In the video posted just around the point the crotch of his pants “exploded”, he and Ikaya were again gyrating, daggering and carrying on with their usual on-stage antics.  As the two fell to the floor in a supposed “passionate embrace”, and Dexta attempted to get up, lo and behold, there was a big hole in the crotch of his pants, and the former Manning Cup footballer ran off laughing.

“@ikaya1soul MI NA PLAY NOMORE YUH BUSS OUT MI CROCHIZ DAWG…,” he teased, evoking a hilarious response from music producer ZJ sparks.

‘White pants reach it limit,” she teased.

Interestingly, in February 2019, Dangerous Minds carried an article titled Battle of the Bulge: Classic Rock Stars and their packages which looked at the rock stars who pioneered pants as tight as that of Jamaica’s biggest contemporary sex symbol.

“It’s well known that tight trousers have a long history in rock and pop music stretching all the way back and front to the 1950s when Elvis Presley first unleashed his Hound Dog on national television,” the article stated.

“Within weeks, it seemed as if every singer was wearing a pair of strides one size too small leaving many broadcasters to shoot these performers from the waist up so as not to offend the less fashionable viewers at home,” it added.

It noted that following what it described as the “British Invasion” led by The Beatles, who wore “trousers which revealed everything and left nothing to the imagination”, these pants “quickly became the focal point of the sixties and the inspiration for many bands over the following decade.

In fact, the article said that many rock stars began exaggerating their manhoods by stuffing their trousers with various objects to impress their female fans.

“For some, what God had provided wasn’t enough and their trousers were often padded with socks, lead pipes, cucumbers, shuttlecocks, ‘armadillos’, and the massed pipe bands of a well-known Highland regiment,” it noted.

In 2015, Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah attempted to stave off criticisms about his consistent wearing of tight trousers, which, unlike the athletic-bodied Dexta Daps, found no favour with Dancehall fans, as the claim was that he was “too fat” to be sporting trousers of that nature.

Fantan Mojah

In his defence, Fantan Mojah had claimed that Bob Marley has worn what he described as “sexy pants too” and that he was simply following in The Gong’s footsteps. The Fire Child had also declared that in his global travels, he had discovered that only Jamaicans have an issue with men wearing tight pants.

“Any boy who a use dem eye and a undress man pants you a go dead. You going dead. Lightning,” the St. Elizabeth native had said during a stage performance back then. “When Bob Marley a wear him sexy pants and the hot girl dem a look him. You nuh see who di man breed — Miss World. Leave mi pants alone…”

Written by Rebel Nation


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