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“Do Better!” Popcaan Has No Time For Trifling Companies – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 17, 2021

The Unruly Boss Popcaan says he has no time for trifling corporate entities who do not want to pay for services rendered, cash on delivery.

“Corporate companies always want things to be done right now, but don’t want to pay right now, then act like they didn’t need you in the first place. Do better!!!!!” Popcaan tweeted this morning.

The Numbers Don’t Lie artist did not elaborate further or pinpoint which companies he was referring to, or whether he was referring to Jamaican entities or those in London where he is currently doing business, but in doing so, he joined Clockwork producer Usain Bolt in raising concerns about the modus operandi of some firms.

While his fan showed support for his statements, one fan halfomil attempted to counteract the Vanquish artist.

“If groups aren’t ready and haven’t practiced for months, you’re wasting people’s time. The bag comes later. No, they really don’t need you. Not unless your available when they need you and, or if you have a following and people want to see you perform,” he wrote.

Last week Monday, Bolt ignited a national firestorm after he posted on his social media pages that Jamaica’s Olympians should not allow their images and brands to be exploited by ‘bandwagonist’ corporate entities who played no part in assisting them in their Tokoyo Olympic quest, or otherwise.

“A lot Athletes sought support from corporate Jamaica in their preparation leading up and heading to Olympic Games and got NO HELP.   Athletes know your Worth/Power now that they all want to jump onto your Brand/Image for free. ,” Bolt had declared.

Six years earlier, the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) had warned corporate entities against exploiting the image rights of athletes competing at the 2015 Beijing World Championships, after several congratulatory advertisements bearing images of Jamaica’s medalist were placed in both the electronic and print media by companies who had no contractual arrangements with the athletes, or their managers.

However, despite the JAAA’s warning the trend continued somewhat this year – though not as prevalent as in 2015.  Some large corporate companies, among them bottled water companies and hotel chain proxies, had, among other things, posted series of images of the medaling athletes in the form of congratulatory messages on their social media pages.

Bolt and Popcaan’s sentiments are not dissimilar to that of Dancehall’s Bad Gal Ce’cile, who has agreed with immediate past president of the JAAA, Dr. Warren Blake that the value of investing in sports should be appreciated, as the athletes, through their “multiple trips to the podium and the obligatory medal presentation ceremonies, created opportunities for the nation to “sell itself to a global audience”.

Like the sentiments of fans on Bolt’ Instagram page last week, who took exception to a particular hotel chain publicly offering vacations to the athletes, Dr. Blake in a Jamaica Observer article on Sunday, said that  rather than offering holidays, they could “put some money behind the track and field team so that we can have many more moments on the podium like that, exposing the tourism product even further”.

“I agree…just like music ….sometimes these artistes / athletes are rejected and scoffed at when they need support the most….before the glory…then after the winnings you see everybody jump on em. Its obvious and sad. Put your money where it counts,’ Ce’cile said.

“Invest in your people when they need it the most, show that u actually care about your people and your country,” she added.

Dr. Blake had said in the Jamaica Observer article that the athletes, by virtue of their multiple trips to the podium and the obligatory medal presentation ceremonies, have created enormous marketing opportunities for the island.

“When we look at the benefits that competing at the Olympics does for the country as a whole, if we were to buy advertisement during the Olympics you are paying US$6 million to US$10 million for a 30-second slot,” he was quoted as saying.

Written by Rebel Nation


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