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Dovey Magnum Wants To Know Why It’s So Hard For Dancehall Artists To Collaborate – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 27, 2021

Dancehall singer Dovey Magnum says she’s been waiting a long time for Dexta Daps to respond to her requests for a collaboration. ‘Left on read,’ the singer took to Instagram to vent her frustrations about the industry, especially since, according to Dovey, the fans are the ones pushing for the collabs.

In the recent Instagram video, Magnum spoke about how hard it is for Dancehall artists to just come together and collaborate on new music.

“You know wah mi love, when you see the American artist dem, rapper, singer or whatever, you will see the fans dem say ‘Oh ma God, ya’ll two would do good making a song together’. Then boom! You see the tags, you see the love, and then boom! You see the dem make songs together. Why we Jamaican artists cannot do that?” Dovey asked.

“Uno know how long the di people dem say Dovey and Dexta Daps fi do a song and what it is from what it would not be and whatever,” the Bawl Out singer continued.

Dovey Magnum, Dexta Daps

She then explained how she slid into Dexta’s’ DMs begging him to do a song together. “And you know how long mi in a Dexta DM and say ‘Dexta can you do a song with me please? Dexta pleeease, can you do a song with me?’ Gimme a try Dexta!”

With no response from the Call Me If crooner, who Bounty Killer recently called Dancehall’s next global superstar, Dovey was left to think that her singing abilities might not be up to par. “What it is? I can’t sing good enough? Can you please gimme song?” she continued.

Insisting the idea was partly initiated by the fans, Dovey continued “Now when mi look in a mi DM, you have the people dem say ‘you and Dexta should do a song’.”

“Dexta! What’s up Dexta, you cant gimme a song? You cant make me and you sing fi di people dem. Mi just a say, Mi just a say!” Dovey reiterated.

Dovey Magnum, who is popularly known for her provocative singles, namely Bawl Out, Sex Slave, Taxic, Sex Is Lovely, Location, and Bruk It Off, may just be a good match to pair with Dexta’s already rude musical catalog. While the No Underwear crooner has had collaborations with several Dancehall acts, Dovey hasn’t been so lucky.

Dancehall starlet Shenseea spoke out about the matter last year, on an Instagram Live, revealing that it had been difficult for her to collaborate with other females in the industry.  Then, earlier this year, all eyes were directed on the Queen of Dancehall Spice after she claimed that it was Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major, who should be blamed for the failed collab between herself and the Blessed singer.

Shen has since collaborated with Dancehall songstress Moyann on the single No Limit, which was released in March.

Unlike Spice, Shenseea, and Dexta Daps who are hot in Dancehall right now, lesser-known acts that aren’t currently blowing up (sorry Dovey) may, unfortunately, have a hard time landing a big collab.

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