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Foota Hype And Followers Clash Over JDF Armoured Vehicle Fleet – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 30, 2021

Even though the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has denied that it has recently purchased a new fleet of armoured vehicles, Foota Hype is insisting that the organization has indeed done so, and is up to some form of ‘military mischief’.

On Sunday, the JDF issued a media release rubbishing a video that had been circulating on social media claiming that it had, among other things, just received a huge shipment of armoured vehicles.

However, a day later Foota drew for a 15-month-old press release, which was released from June 2020 when the JDF made its last update to its fleet of vehicles.  The music selector declared on Instagram, that it was evidence, supposedly emanating from the ‘robust sleuth work’ which he had undertaken.

“Since JDF want tell lie let’s give the ppl some truth,” Foota captioned the post.

The release was published by French aerospace and defence transportation company Thales Group, from which the JDF had bought its last batch of armoured vehicles earlier that year.  That release was circulated globally at the time, including in the local media.

While the majority of Foota’s followers praised him for being adept at unearthing information, others dismissed him as a mischief-maker, for trying to qualify the contents of the video in which the commentator claimed armoured vehicles had been purchased to be used in the future, to bully members of the population who were not vaccinated.

One sharp-eyed follower pointed out that the post he shared was written 15 months ago and was therefore, not only stale news, but unconnected to the video.

“I think these were purchased longtime. Check the date on that article,” kingston3boy said.

“Which country in the world don’t buy vehicles for them army Foota?  That’s not a big issue that information is from last year get ur facts right…,” kirk.gregory.5o5 rebuked.

His post was met with dismay by many of his followers including though Tanya Stephens, who apparently thought the video was authentic and related to Foota’s press release post.

“To fight CRIME??????? Then watch the political gymnasts twist up fi justify this…sigh,” she said.

“Foota, that’s why they put jamaica in full lockdown, so they could sneak the tanks in,” another follower said.

The Thales Group release shared by Foota is titled Jamaica flexes crime fighting muscle by boosting fleet of Thales Bushmaster Protected vehicles, and can also be found on the Paris-headquartered company’s website.

It noted that JDF had spent what it described as a substantial purchase of seven million Eros (J$1.2 billion) to bolster and upgrade its fleet of Thales Bushmaster Protected Vehicles.

This included six additional Bushmasters, three troops carrier and three ambulance versions, bringing its fleet to 18, and significantly strengthening the defence force’s ability to fight crime “while simultaneously keeping its soldiers protected and comfortable”.

The cost of the vehicles did not go down well with some persons who read the release, as they contended that at no time should the vehicles be prioritized over essential amenities such as hospitals and schools.

‘‘What’s the point of an “army” for Ja? Wtf going to invade us, Haiti? Cayman? Kmt. Send JDF gaa Afghanistan since dem waa nuff up,” kochapips said.

“Those armoured vehicles been in Jamaica forever.  When I was a child in da 70s we use to call them soldier lorry….they just upgrading to more modern models of it but dat cudda wait.   Dat 6/7 mil euros would have done well in an area of more concern…job development/opportunity/farms /factory etc…,” one follower, paulbuchanan66 lamented.

Thales spoke glowingly of its ballistic protected mobility Bushmaster vehicles, which it said was multifaceted and combat-proven and specially designed to protect and transport up to ten people in extreme environments and hostile territory and would  lead to enhanced safety and security for soldiers and their police counterparts on joint crime fighting operations across Jamaica.

According to the company, the Bushmaster saves lives on and off-road, providing an excellent balance of protection, mobility and space and features that provide power and supplementary air conditioning when the engine is off, allowing the vehicles to maintain a comfortable temperature “in the hot Jamaican climate”.

The ambulance versions, it said, would give JDF soldiers the ability to evacuate and treat injured police officers under the protection of the Bushmaster rather than having to deploy vulnerable unarmored vehicles into dangerous situations.

However, one US Army soldier who was following the thread, said the JDF had made a very poor purchase as the vehicles were accident-prone.

“Watch how these gonna turnover often worst vehicle U.S Army ever built we don’t even use those shits killed too much people so if they crashing the jump outs imagine how much of them gonna crash and flip in these,” he said.

Some of Foota’s followers said told him that they did not see an issue with the defence force purchasing new armoured vehicles, arguing that criminals were getting access to more sophisticated weapons by the day and so the military has to be properly equipped as a result.

“Bad man never stop buy artillery soh wah if the force get some new thing……unu same one bawl seh police and soldiers nah do dem work….roll out dem bloodclaat yes mi wah cah stop at a bar have a drink and feel safe ” zazzy.t. declared.

But Foota responded: “@zazzy.t it’s for u weh ago deh a di bar lol if u nuh tek di jook”.

Others said Foota was irresponsible for claiming that there were plans afoot to depopulate the island.  In a stern rebuke, zilla876_850, sought to invalidate Foota’s claims.

“What’s strange in this? This is nttn new every military in the worls spends million in military defence. Unu just a look something fi put on social media fi ppl think unu a freedom fighter or for the ppl.   At this point the all a unu a do the same thing the politicians them a go,” he said.

“Him making it seems like the military getting new or better equipments is because the government a plan fi go kill off ppl.or use them fi fight ppl. This is misinformation and will force ppl to go take step to start a war they can never win. The military DNT have to buy nttn else to take over Jamaica. If the jdf go all out in a matter of days the entire country will be over run,” he added.

He continued: “The JDF have so much things in their arsenal that the regular man will never see. So stop gas up the ppl them fi tek up something pon them head them can’t manage. At the end of the day a foreign you dey stop bredda unu a do too much now.”

He also supported another follower who said that was entertainers like Foota who are living outside of Jamaica who have been egging on the people to rebel and demonstrate in the streets.

“Yes man mi notice it…  And them bow down to anything American government sent them way. Come next week when them can’t enter or leave America without the vaccine just what how much a them ago go silent or tek it under style and still play hypocrite,” he said.

He also upbraided Foota for opting to remain in the US, instead of choosing deportation to his homeland after his detention.

“Since him love Jamaica suh much and willing fi fight fi it tell him fi fly home and go pon the battle field with the ppl them. Or why him never go home the other day when America did ago dip him he tek jail house ova Jamaica,’ he said.

“Mi nuh listen them when them talk caz them just a look likes and fame… them just love chat and a far them dey and this will not affect him. Why when dem did ago dip him the other day him stay a jail rather than come a him yard a free man?’

Written by Rebel Nation


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