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Foota Hype Calls Holness “The Sha’Carri Of Prime Ministers” – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 22, 2021

Foota Hype’s recent references to Prime Minister Andrew Holness as the “Sha’Carri of Prime Ministers” and his demand for the politician to step down as head of the Jamaican government, did not go down well with the leader’s supporters at all.

Several days ago on his Instagram Live, Foota had accused Holness of, among other things, not managing the lockdown issue in a fair manner, pandering to the whims of foreign interests as well as generally doing a poor job of managing the affairs of the country.

“In my opinion, in my views, as I see it, Andrew Holness is the worst Prime Minister I have ever seen.  A lot of people disagreed when I said it first… I don’t know him as a person so mi can’t say is a bad person… But based pan di job requirements and the delivery of your jobs and your decision, you are the worst Prime Minister I have ever seen in my life.   I am 40-plus years old.  You.  Are. The. Worst. And I am saying it without apology…,” Foota had said.

“I am saying, in the race of Prime Ministers, best and worst, you are the Sha’Carri of Prime Minista race.   Yes, I said it.  Mr Holness, in di race of Prime Minista business, best or worst, you are the Sha’Carri of politics,” Foota declared.

Sha’Carri Richardson is an American sprinter, who was suspended one month before the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year.  In the controversial sprinter’s comeback race at the Eugene Diamond League, she failed to perform in the 100m, while Jamaicans Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Sherica Jackson replicated their 1,2,3 Olympic victory.

Sha’Carri Richardson

According to Foota, even though Holness is unable to properly manage the affairs of the country, he was clinging to leadership, and in the same breath bringing down the Jamaica Labour Party which he heads.

“Suh, me first a guh a send di notion fi ask the Prime Minister fi him resignation and I would ask that people would do the same.  Start making videos asking Mr Holness to step down as Prime Minister,” he instructed his followers.

“This is my request, my plea to the Prime Minister.  Please sir, step down from the leadership post.  You are doing a horrible job, and we would rather see these mistakes coming from somebody new.  You have proven enough to us that you are not worthy of this spot you have been given.  It is too much for you.  It is too much for you mi boss,” the selector stated.

The Dollars and Sense producer then made several predictions arguing that several Dancehall artists could easily oust Holness from power, a claim which many people told him was absurd.

“Right now if election call, and dem put up Tanto Blacks versus  Andrew Holness, Tanto a guh win.  If dem put up Foota Hype, versus Andrew Holness, Foota a guh win.  If yuh put up Twins of Twins versus Andrew Holness Twins of Twins a guh win.  If dem put up I-Octane versus Andrew Holness, I Octane a guh win… If LA Lewis run right now gainst Andrew Holness right now him win.,” he declared.

“Mi naw disrespect yuh mi genna, but respectfully, mi tink yuh fi step down as Prime Minister and give somebody else fi deal wid,” the selector added.

Foota was supported by many of his fans, as well as I-Octane who replied “Real talk”.

However Octane was immediately rebuked by pusey_carol who told him to go and find something useful to do with his time. “@realioctane you entertainers feel like unuh have power over jamaican people why you don’t set up something positive for the youth and stop from coming everyday on social media talking crap hyping not going away you in people country and I heard the lady telling you to put on your mask but no you just think in the jamaican government alone a make rules,” she said.

Foota was jeered by several followers who found the idea of him running for Prime Minister highly ridiculous.

“Who going to run the country you?…must be having a joke,” mcghie_designs mocked.

“@footahypemusic u Gwaan go run the country and lead since u have so much to say and criticize!!! Footahype for prime minister ,” jodi_tweety_ said sarcastically.

“Soooooooooooo easy to criticize. Smh but a so it go … The concern I have is that … When you speak (with no facts) ppl listen… Sad,” thejamaicanz said.

Another follower realist_0981worlboss pointed to Foota’s Peoples National Party alignment, implying that he was being biased.

“@footahypemusic u never have Instagram or Facebook when pj or Portia a run the country,” he asked, to which Foota replied cheekily: “@realist_0981worlboss no”.

Other followers rose to Holness’ defence claiming that his stewardship over the COVID-19 battle was no different from his colleagues in other countries.   One follower even argued that despite everything Jamaicans were still supporting the Jamaica Labour Party.

“Jamaica still green all the talk you talking, and the same way that ship came to Jamaica in the lockdown it’s the same way Olympic kept in Japan under the lockdown Japan people never want the Olympics either,” stoneboysancho said.

The follower was supported by blessandfavoredharvey who accused the selector and his followers of being duplicitous.

“The other day when Olympics was going on, you all jumped and laugh because Jamaica dominated as usual in track. But did you realize that country was locked down. No because that’s wasn’t important because we were on another country. The Japanese weren’t happy either. Onu low di bloodclaat man. You and all who a chat can’t f_cking run it…,” she said.

In his monologue Foota had also listed a myriad of woes that he said Jamaicans were facing due to Holness’ conduct whilst in office.

“Wi jus a speak generally how yuh a deal wid dah Big C situation  yah. Wi nuh touch crime yet enuh; wi nujh touch di inflation and di high prices fi electricity an wata enuh… Wi nuh talk bout di problem wid di Cockpit Country enuh and di bag a ting dem weh sell out.  Wi nuh address di airport weh gone to di Mexicans,” he said.

“Bro, it is not making any sense.  It naw meck no sense Mista Holness and mi naw talk to yuh inna no disrespectful manner or nuttn like dat.  I am just saying, be a man bout it. If yuh caan manage di job, give it to somebody else. And mi seh dis numerous times already,” he continued.

Added Foota: “Mi seh it before it reach yah suh enuh… Mi already seh give up di position; still be a MP, but give the leadership of the country to somebody else.  You are cannot handle it.  Yuh frustrated; yuh overwhelmed.  You no know what is di right ting fi do.   When yuh a come out pon yuh speech an yuh public notification, yuh maw meck no sense.   Yuh naw do di right ting Andrew.”


Written by Rebel Nation


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