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Govana’s ‘1Matik’ & 11 More Dancehall Tracks For Your Playlist – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 24, 2021

In our selection of some of the newest Dancehall tracks this week, General Degree morphs back on the music scene with a brand new song to reminds us he’s as current as ever. Dancehall’s very seasoned Busy Signal also appears with a dose of inspiration for his fans as well as Vershon in his single Why Worry, and Malitia with Numb.

There’s a lot more to enjoy, stream your favorites and check out the music video for each below.

Govana – 1Matik

Produced by CJ The Chemist on the 1Matik Riddim, Dancehall deejay Govana drops another vivid storytelling delivery in 1Matik to demonstrate a severe case of betrayal and deceit among so-called friends. “Things get strange when you get bigger, put you trust in a people you dead quicker,” he deejays, then explains the hard choice of either being labeled a “friend killer” or allowing the said friend to take his life first. Ever strapped and guarded, his passage through life is constantly watching his back and keeping an eye on snitching friends, who would easily ‘sell him out’ just for the affection of a female.

Cherry Rose, Intrestt – Under Deh

Dancehall newbies Cherry Rose and Intrestt in a production by Caliber Muzic and Romeo Music have a new single Under Deh. The official music video by Blacq Road Media Film was shot in the Rose Hall area of Montego Bay Jamaica to find the duo flexing their footballer skills while challenging each other on their bedroom abilities in lyrics. While the two artists are new on the local music scene, they’ve issued quite a bit of music so far. Intrestt also dropped another new track dubbed Bubble Bubble and Duppy Truck last week, following Now A Days and Sweet Sweet Jamaica just last month. Cherry Rose also has a new track with 6ixx member, Daddy1 called Talk Bout It that dropped in July.

General Degree – Bad Gyal Ride

Dancehall vet General Degree surprised fans this week with a brand new release Bad Gyal Ride with an accompanying music video directed by Magical Studios. In the song, the proclaimed “Hot Daddy” is up to his neck with all these clean skin, ‘big bumpa bad gyals’ and flaunts them in the video to show viewers why. It’s as if the old-timer didn’t miss a beat, appearing fresh as ever and laying down his signature swag effortlessly. The last we heard from Degree was 5 months ago in March when he dropped Move Up Time off the From Vinyl to Digital, Vol. 3 album under B-Rich Records.

Vershon – Why Worry

Why Worry when you can pray Vershon tunes on this latest single. Giving listeners encouragement for those gloomy days, he sings, “Why cry when you can smile, why worry when you got life, why stress out youself over a battle weh you can beg the Almighty God fight.” The Terminal 4 Media-directed video plays out a skit to bring the deejay’s words to life. It sees where Vershon in a stroke of luck, uncovers some cash walking to the neighborhood store but upon meeting a woman in distress after losing her cash, the good Samaritan that he is, reveals he found it. In return, she splits the money in half and provides him with just enough to fix his car – watch:

IWaata – Nine Night

Damage Music Group presents IWaata in Nine Night to take viewers inside Jamaica’s gang culture. Shot in the inner city locales of Kingston City, director DaManiac Visuals spur imageries of bullet-indented homes and heavily armed police patrolled streets to set the tone while the Yengbadness deejay talks up his street cred among his thug-looking crew. The title speaks for itself, after the bloodshed he promises, “It’s a Nine Night a day. Can’t hide dem affi go lie inna clay. Mommy cry eye when she see the sight ah him face, mount a bullet attack him head a fly high, space.”

Gage, Gold Up – Deeper 

Dancehall artist Gage gets rude and raunchy in this Gold Up-produced single Deeper. While running imaginations wild with his very lewd verses, the deejay recruits director Shot N’ Stunning to devise the exotic visuals for an exciting display. Gage makes it known that even during his most stimulating encounter; his mind is still stuck on his crush, Jada Kingdom! “Mi would a never spend a dolla buy a coffee, me would a broke though pon Jada Kingdom” and continues, “Mi nuh really care if the heavy, heavy slim down,” referring to her recent weight loss.

Busy Signal – Happiness

Bringing some upliftment your way this week is Dancehall star Busy Signal in his new single Happiness. In a production made possible by P Skinna & Liondub, the deejay matches the rhythms of cheerful sounding acoustics to tell you to remember that you have life so you’re ever blessed and “Don’t stress, gwaan do you best. Master God will do the rest. It’s gonna be okay.” The prolific Dancehall progenitor seems to be dropping new beats on the dime of late, just last week he dropped two singles Born Fi Survive, and My Girl, and the week before was Party Girl and Bruk Down Di Bed.

Motto (Ft. Konshens) – Spank Yuh 

Here’s an exciting musical teaming with St. Lucia’s very own Soca prince, Motto, and Dancehall star Konshens on the track Spank Yuh. On a Soca and Dancehall infused beat, mixed and mastered by Scratch Master, Konshens is up first and sounds off his frustration with his “misbehaving” beau. “I feel a should spank you, you naughty girl, how you so damn rude. You gonna mad me girl” he sings while toying with a selection of different types of whips. Motto, on the other hand, asserts himself as a reliable booty call, “Anytime you want me, call me/ ring up mi celly,” he chimes on repeat to conclude things will involve a little spanking too.

Malitia – Numb

For those having it the hardest and hustling to make ends meet, Dancehall Reggae artiste Malitia stands by you in Numb, his latest single. “Suh we haffi stand firm, hold the faith steadfast. Hustle fi we dinner, haffi get di breakfast/ Dem fi know some of we feel oppressed, while some mothers a live in a stress. Ends nah meet and dem feel neglect. Jah know the pressure just in a we neck,” the verses go.

Kxng Izem – Throne

The Rastafari faith in today’s music is not lost, just check out Throne by Kxng Izem as he declares his intention to keep the culture alive. He’s keeping the righteousness in the lyrics of his songs he says, “Haile Selassie mi emulate/Tell me who can stop mi now.” The new single, which is a product of Izem and his brother’s record label Ten24 Music follows another recent release from the young star, last month he dropped Uno featuring fellow Rastafarian revivalist, Royal Blue.

Jafrass – Drug Smuggler Ft. Nordia Mothersille

In a NotNice Records production, Dancehall acts Jafrass and Nordia Motherville team up to issue the narrative of a Drug Smuggler’s lifestyle, the visuals however does the song even more justice. It’s a huge drug operation, starting from the risky retrieval of the narcotics at sea in the middle of the night to the suspenseful delivery and mystifying pick-up points, the video sure keeps you on your toes, watch:

Kash Promise Move – Talking To Myself 

Kash Promise Move holds a reason with himself in this new single Talking To Myself. As if talking to his alto ego, the singer warns himself about the haters, revealing how to avoid them and how to rise above the badmind people. “They can say what they wanna, man a left dem to karma. Mi nuh in a di drama” he sings. It’s not just a lesson to himself but wise words for his listeners to spot these individuals and stay far away in the process.

Written by Rebel Nation


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