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Dancehall Artists Yaksta, 10Tik Tease A ‘Life Changing’ Collab

eddygates1 | November 4, 2020

Dancehall artists Yaksta and 10Tik have a collaboration in the works titled Freedom.

As if heeding the recent call by Beenie Man for emerging talents to work together, 10Tik revealed on Instagram a week ago that “one life changing song a fawud,” in the caption on a photo of the two breakout artists in the music studio, seemingly laying down a new track.  He later followed up with a series of photos and video clips that showed him busy at work recording a music video for the track, which is to be produced by Khaos Music and SwaR Dawg Records.  

“The song is called Freedom,” 10Tik told RNation. “It’s a deep input about how the restrictions put on us as a people in relation to the mission still at hand that must be completed.”

10Tik has been keeping himself pretty occupied of late especially since his recent music success. His latest single Roll Deep, also produced by Khaos alongside CC Records, is certainly making an impression on the local music scene and has racked up over 1.4 million views on YouTube since its February release. The former schoolboy-cadet and ex-firefighter has truly exemplified a militant approach with his career, he’s steadfast and knows what he’s all bout. Looking back at some of his previous singles like Lead Inna HeadGangsta, and Soul of the City, 10Tik’s deliveries are as insightful and relatable as ever. Though he keeps it real about the grim details of life in a rough society, having grown up in Maxfield Park in Kingston, his songs are tinged with promises of brighter days and upliftment to those going through the struggles life has dealt them.

“Being in the cadets taught me that we create our limits in our mind. With enough determination, we can find an unknown power and with teamwork, we can challenge any force in the way,” 10Tik reasoned in a recent interview with RNation.

Meanwhile, Yaksta, 27, is also making huge waves in music these days, just recently he celebrated another week at the No. 1 spot on the local Top 10 Countdown Chart and Irie FM/Guinness Dancehall Top 10 Charts for his single, Ambition, which received an official video in February.  Since its premiere as the first track off the compilation Africans for Africa, slated for release in May, Ambition‘s video has already accumulated more than 2.1 million views on YouTube.

The St. Mary native is certainly capturing attention from fans with a surge of positive music. For Yaksta, his boldly humble approach, in the flashy world of Dancehall, arrived at a time he believes the genre is “lacking in truth.”

“Mi just realize say Dancehall is lacking in truth. There’s alot that has been said, still being said, but people nah receive it. Why? Because it hasn’t reached the right ears, or it’s not on the right beat with the right frequency,” he told RNation.

Last month, Yaksta revealed that his next new song will be released in the middle of this month. As for what to expect, “I just come fi do Yaksta. Mi nah try compete against nobody, mi just a try be me. Me never know this song [Ambition] would be a hit song, I knew it was good but … so just expect more songs in this vein.”

Yaksta’s upcoming EP will drop in May and 10Tik is optimistic as he anticipates a major 2021 tour if the pandemic allows.

Written by eddygates1


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