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‘If You Haven’t Spoken To Me For 2 Days I’m Single’ – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 16, 2021

There was trouble in paradise with the Queen of Dancehall Spice and her beau Justin Budd on Monday night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

On the show, Spice revealed that Justin had taken down all her photos in his house before she flew to New York in June for an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show with her Go Down Deh collaborators Shaggy and Sean Paul. The So Mi Like It singer, 39, and Budd apparently had a little spat and didn’t talk for “days,” which led to Spice announcing that she was “single” to Wendy and her audience.

As fans took in the new LHHATL episode, Spice laid out some relationship rules for Justin in an Instagram post today.

“My baby I love you, but if you haven’t spoken to me in 6 hours we have a problem, if you malice me for 12 hours that means we “break up”.  If you haven’t spoken to me for 2 days I’m single ” she wrote. “It’s a Caribbean thing if we argue we Leff you just have to understand me.”

Spice then followed up with an apology, acknowledging that she was wrong for publicly humiliating Justin when she announced that she was single.

“I’m sorry baby next time I’ll construct my sentence better but not you saying “Wendy have the biggest mouth in the world,” she added.

Spice, Justin Budd

Back on the show, Justin asked Spice whether she felt that she had to spite him on The Wendy Williams Show for taking down the photos and not supporting her enough during the promo of her track.

“You feel like you had to spite me on Wendy Williams?” he asked. “Don’t even bring up Wendy Williams!” she snapped back, but Justin ignored her.

“Why would you go on TV to the biggest mouth in the world and tell her that you single, we didn’t even know what was going on with this sh-t,” he continued.

Spice replied, “I put my ring finger up, I’m not married. That [was] the question! I don’t know what you wanted me to say. If I knew what was going on in my relationship I probably would have said, ‘Oh I’m in a serious relationship’ but no, you took my pictures down!”

Then she proceeded to check him, “You want me to claim you in the public but you not claiming me in private. You tink me fool! You bright!”

Spice, Justin Budd

In his confessional, Justin admitted, “Grace is always feeling like I’m trying to spite her but for you to go on Wendy Williams saying that you was single is f-cked up. That’s like letting everybody know we’re done. It was embarrassing. If I was to do that, you’d never talk to me again.”

The show shared a clip of the episode asking fans to weigh in on the Spice and Justin debacle. “Is Spice Now Single? Justin doesn’t understand he doesn’t get Grace WITHOUT Spice… What would you do if you were in her position? #LHHATL,” they asked in the caption.

In another post, they asked, “Should Spice have said she wasn’t married vs. saying she’s single?” and shared a clip of Spice expressing her confusion on the matter because [at the time] she believed that she had responded accordingly.

“I told Wendy I’m single because right now at this specific time, I am single! The man not even a talk to me,” Spice justified. But in a recording backstage of the Wendy show, her team along with Shaggy, who she appeared with on the show, tried explaining to Spice that she was wrong.

“I would have just said, ‘I’m not married,” said a member from her crew. Shaggy agreed, “I’m not married. Yes” to let her know that’s how she should have answered that question.

They all chastised her for saying what she said but Spice continued to plea her case, “Because mi nuh have a ring pon mi finger!”

Many fans were in agreement with Spice.

“Sis you single until you married,” one person commented.

Others added, “She said how she felt. If he’s making her feel like she’s single then single it is. She spoke on how she was feeling at that moment. Damn all that other stuff they talking about,” and “That’s how we Jamaican women stay if di man nah talk to we, we single .”

“She said what she meant to say!!! She’s SINGLE until she’s married/engaged…. If he has a problem with that then he should change her last name and make it official,” another chimed in.

Written by Rebel Nation


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