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“In Jamaica, We Don’t Play Dat” – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 10, 2021

American-born supermodel Tyson Beckford, whose parents are Jamaican, is speaking out after Kim Kardashian implied that he was a closeted homosexual on social media some three years ago. Back in 2018, Beckford made a blunt comment on a photo of Kim and wrote, “Sorry I don’t care for it personally. She is not real. Doctor f— up on her right hip.”

Kim, who often doesn’t back down from trolling of any kind, responded with, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” implying that Beckford swung the other way. The vicious clapback was accompanied by the tea, frog, and painting nails emoji.

The 50-year-old former Ralph Lauren Polo model sat down with VladTV this week to again debunk the statements made by the reality television star.  However, this time he got so heated about the matter that he ended up pulling out some Jamaican patois to get his message across.

“I ran with the Shower posse, (a gang that originated in Tivoli Garden, Jamaica) and you know in Jamaica we don’t play that, k,” Tyson began.

Immediately he switched into his Jamaican “gun man” persona and continued, “We nuh play dat deh damn ting deh yuh hear mi! Suh, when dis ole pu#$yclaat want go say sump like dat, yo real gun man come out you hear me.”

Beckford insisted to the host that he’s by no means a troublemaker but will not allow someone to tarnish his character in that way. “Nobody nah go call me nuh pu#$yclaat name,” he asserted.

Tyson said he’s open for a conversation with Kim about the remark she made but if she’s not willing to have a discussion with him then, “War a go tek off!”

“So weh mi just say, come make we talk bout it and if yuh nuh want talk bout it and mi catch yuh in a di blombcl@#t street, a war a go tek off you hear mi, bloodcl@#t war! …”

“Suh, as I said before, I’m not a troublemaker but if you want war, I will bring yuh war to you, you hear me!” he snapped.

Beckford revealed that he was introduced to Kim Kardashian by her pal Paris Hilton several years ago and they subsequently began “messing around.”

To date, he’s still oblivious as to why she came up with the rumor.

The Bronx, New York-born model said as a result of the claim, he has been subjected to public discrimination. “Sometimes I’ll get a couple suckers on Instagram who will try to say like, ‘Oh, yeah. You gay.’”

“Then I’m like ‘Where is this coming from?’ You heard it from that dumba–? And then you heard it from that stupid b—- Wendy Williams? … Man, f— all of them!” he continued.

Beckford argued that, though he doesn’t have any issues with persons who identify as homosexual, he just prefers not to be falsely labeled as one.  “I ain’t never been gay, nor do I have a problem with gay people. It’s just like, don’t try to turn a situation into something because I got the best of you.”

Watch the full interview with Tyson Beckford on VladTV.

Written by Rebel Nation


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