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Intence Rides Wave Of ‘Rifle Bounces’ To Stay At No. 1 With New “Hit Song” – DancehallMag

eddygates1 | August 13, 2021

Dancehall star Intence has captured the hearts, the Twitter fingers, and the dancing spirit of the people in the streets with his catchy, creative, and rather unorthodox single, Yahoo Boyz. The streams are also in agreement with the word of the street, as according to YouTube Music Charts & Insights, Yahoo Boyz is the No. 1 most streamed song in Jamaica during the August 7-13 tracking period.

With over 3 million total views on YouTube since its July 5 release, Yahoo Boyz pays homage to the name given to educated, high-profile scammers in Nigeria.  According to The Conversation, this elite class of Nigerian conmen have become filthy rich over the last decade.

The lyrics of the Countree Hype Entertainment and Cryshy Records-produced track are very much in alignment with the title as Intence spiritedly sings, “Dawg dem weh deh yah, large choppa, nuh debate / Mark-X wid e Crown, yuh nuh si di plate / Big food wi drag dung, mek wi celebrate / Costa Rica, Espanol, cliente / Top choppa, chop-chop eh line, dialing”.

Though Intence insists that his music does not glorify scamming, Yahoo Boyz falls in the same vein as the deejay’s breakthrough scammer anthem Go Hard (2019).  However, the streets have it that Intence has sprinkled something extra in this new banger.

It’s a sentiment aptly depicted by Entertainment Lawyer, @seanchriscastle, in his tweet today: “Intence sprinkling lil guzu in that Yahoo Boyz track.”

The ‘Rifle Bounce’

As Intence continues to trend on Twitter, the focus of many is the infectious spirit of Yahoo Boyz and its unofficial dance dubbed ‘rifle bounce’.

One popular tweet, made by @br4ndym, shows a group of people doing the popularized rifle bounce to the tune of Yahoo Boyz.

The rifle bounce, which was first done by Intence himself and others in the music video for Yahoo Boyz, is a vibrant bounce while positioning your hands like you are holding a rifle. The dance compliments the upbeat tempo of Yahoo Boyz, and adds to the unexplainable liveliness and energy that comes with listening to the song.

On Instagram, Intence has been proudly highlighting the buzz around Yahoo Boyz, by sharing videos of patrons’ reactions to the song being played at parties.

In one video, patrons in high spirits dance their version of rifle bounce but this time holding boards, stools, chairs and if one thought that was too much, one man came through the crowd dancing with an igloo. Fellow Dancehall artist, Iwaata was in the comments stating the conclusion of the masses that this is a “Hit song

While many had been rather slow to give the controversial artist praise for his unusual sound and his fast rise into the industry, Yahoo Boyz has compelled even the naysayers to give the artist his due credit.

Twitter user @4thgennagyal declared, “Yup & Mi nt evn like intence….  but da song ya”.

No doubt, Intence has another hit in Yahoo Boyz.  The song remains at No. 1 this week on the YouTube Music Charts & Insights in Jamaica. At No. 2 on the list is Chosen by Rytikal, followed by 450’s Imperfection. Feelings (remix) by Dyani and Jada Kingdom is at No. 4 and Laa Lee’s Dirt Bounce is holding steady at No. 5.

Skeng’s Street Cred is at No. 6, while 450 appears again on the chart at No. 7 with his new song Journey.

Demarco and Konshens’ Mover makes it at No. 8, Nation Boss finds it again with Faith at No. 9 and to close off the top 10 is Chronic Law’s recently released Fraud.

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Written by eddygates1


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