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Jafrass Annoyed With “Greedy Transport Operators” – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 18, 2021

Transport operators who rejected the 15 percent increase in fares, which was recently granted by the Ministry of Transport and Works, have evoked the ire of Notnice Records artist Jafrass.

The No More artist appeared annoyed after reading an article in the Jamaica Star yesterday, which said that the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) and the Jamaica Association of Owners and Operators (JATOO) have claimed that the increase granted was insufficient, and have demanded “a minimum 50 per cent fare hike”.

“A 50 percent ears box dem want, dem nuh see how time hard pon poor people kmt,” the St. James native wrote in response.

Jafrass’ comment attracted more than 700 likes, and a slew of comments, mostly in agreement.

“@jafrassmusic them must a mad we understand gas prices really high and it affecting them but it also affect us cause price of gas affect day to day living. 50% increase in a time when economy a suffer ppl out a jobs and thing them crazy man. Really crazy,” sammanthajt1 id.

Also concurring was trevanian_style_boutique, who said that the transport operators ought to be satisfied with what they had been granted, as time were difficult for everyone.

“@jafrassmusic these people are so greedy, what if they didnt announced an increase in fare???wouldnt they all be collecting them $100 and gone dem get 30% pon it and still want more….poor people pay no raise eno…….why unnu no go demonstrate and talk bout other things weh a mash up we country, he id.

There were a few who voiced their objection to the Jealousy artist’s comment, among them badboy_raheem12, who argued that car upkeep was costly for the transport operators.

“@jafrassmusic a every Thursday gas price go up di car a run down day by down u afi spend money to keep it how di hell 15% ago add difference to alla dat dj mi lose haffi u kmt,” he wrote.

The commenter was supported by carlos_shrouder who pointed out that notwithstanding, the transport operators were grappling with bad roads, high taxes and gas prices.

“@jafrassmusic you right but jamaica petroleum and the parts people and the government who rise the road the road license several time to these taxis owners over a period of 8 years without a raise a pay you dont think it affect them or you think they should jus give there service to Jamaica becus of their good heart tell the government to do state public transportation right across jamaica and you would see how effective it would be,” he said.

One of Jafrass’ fans ricardo_a1j id expressed disappointment with the artist’s comment, as according to him, it was the Government who was at fault.

“Bredda u caah wah ruff up the likkla man dem wen the bigga ones who have the powaz nah doh the right thing and raise minimum wage like how dem raise food and gas every minute like how cabbie chat everyday bout dem want a raise same suh all workers of JA fi pressure ackee nose fi ah pay raise to. Wi offy go to the root addi prob fam it wi really want solutions,” he said.

The fare increase demand did not escape the attention of former Gaza artist Sheba.

“Unnu guh suck out a hard & tuff cal’s bag juice! Bout 50% hikeafter ppl deh ya already want it drop by even 20%,” she wrote.

In the meantime, Jafrass, whose given name is Shevin Jarrett will release his Faith EP this Friday. The eight-track body of work, includes the title track Faith and Drug Smuggler which both feature Nordia Mothersilie, My Type, House Party which features Squash, Fun, Avoid Mi featuring Jah Vinci, Death Come and Crime Lord.

Written by Rebel Nation


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