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Jah Cure To Release New Album ‘Undeniable’, Says He Needs No Collabs To Attract Grammy – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 6, 2021

Reggae superstar Jah Cure has announced that he is in the final stages of preparation for the release of his new album, titled Undeniable, and, from his estimation, it is worthy of Grammy consideration.

Cure also made it clear that he has never needed collaborations with any other artist, in order to attract the attention of his peers who have Grammy voting rights, and as a consequence, he has put only one collab on Undeniable—with an upcoming Haitian female artist, whom he hailed whilst conducting a listening party in Amsterdam several days ago.

“Big up yuhself Kayla.  Kayla yuh big. A one collab deh pon mi album.  Caw mi nuh need nobaddy fi help mi meck Grammy. Last time mi nominate, a Jah Cure alone sing straight,” he said in reference to his album The Cure which he co-produced, and which, upon release in July 2015, topped the Billboard Reggae Albums chart in its first week, copped a nomination for the Grammy Award’s Best Reggae Album in 2016.

“Mi nuh waan nuh collab!  Mi naw look nuh help – dis time! One girl mi a put pon it and mi waan buss har.  Shi ask mi fi help har from 2016 and and she have di collab,” the Telephone Love artist said during an Instagram Live session.

Jah Cure said that Undeniable will consist of just 10 tracks, and that all would be lovers rock, his aim being to get a Grammy award this time.

“I was playing 10 new songs that I get to listen so I could approve them and send back to VP records so we could start to assemble the album.  Maybe we try to see if we could ketch – you know – you know me always up fi di Grammy and a dem ting deh give mi di buzz and di drive to go into album work wid whole heap a creativity and stuff.  But long story short 10 songs – only love songs,” he explained.

According to the Royal Soldier artist, he was in the studio hard at work following a scandal that erupted months ago, which made him cannon fodder for gossip-mongers, but since then, he was striving to keep his personal life private.

“Mi naw self-praise my self.  Mi put een some hard work di odda day, all when di people dem stay suh pon mi name, dem nuh even know mi a work.  Grammy mi waan,” he said. “Privacy.  Oonu naw come inna mi life again come scandal mi,” he added, as he sang along to one of his new tracks.

As the 42-year-old played another track, Jah Cure revealed the name of the 10-track album, which he said was just about all the information he could give at the time.

“This song is called Undeniable. It is the title track for mi album, Dats  the name of the album – Undeniable.  That’s the amount of information that I am going to put out just for now.   Anytime yuh si mi a talk bout the album again, you know seh yow – 100 percent lovers rock for my ladies dem this time.  Next album – mi a guh break lose,” he declared.

Last year, after Popcaan bashed the Grammys and accused the Recording Academy of corruption, following the non-nomination of his Fixtape album, Jah Cure had said there was no need for discontent. The Hanover native said, that, among other things, the award had traditionally been won by reggae singers, as opposed to deejays.  Last year’s award was won by Toots and The Maytals, with other nominees being Skip Marley, Buju Banton, The Wailers and Maxi Priest.

“Nuh deejay, no dancehall [artiste] nuh fi cuss fi Grammy if dem nuh get it because the last dancehall artiste weh get Grammy was Beenie Man… Shabba Rankin,” Jah Cure had said, while pointing out that when his Royal Soldier album was not nominated he had no hard feelings.

“When mi see say it nuh nominate, mi just go to bed, take a rest…If yuh nuh get the Grammy this year, you get it next year,” he added.


Written by Rebel Nation


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