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Jayda Cheaves Addresses Backlash After Awkward LL Cool J Interaction AT BET Hip-Hop Awards

Rebel Nation | October 7, 2021

Jayda Cheaves finally got a chance to meet rap legend LL Cool J backstage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, but fans do not like the way she acted while taking photos with the “Doin’ It” singer.

Jayda Cheaves in a sexy see-through dress posed next to the social media influencer, but she appeared annoyed and rushed to end the awkward encounter.

In the video, they can both be seen positing and smiling for photos. However, Jayda quickly turns while LL Cool J extends his hand to shake hers.

By this time, she hurriedly turned and didn’t even look at the rapper when she said, “Nice meeting you.” LL Cool J replied with “Pleasure,” but by that time, he ended up petting her ponytail instead of shaking her hand as she quickly walked off.

The awkward exchange has gone viral, with many reacting to the video laughing, joking that Jayda Cheavs did not know who she was taking a photo with.

LL Cool J
LL Cool J

“Sus treated him like HE was the fan,” one person commented on Instagram, laughing.

“Why she play LL like that?” another asked while a third person said LL was a legend and “Na Y’all ain’t bout to play LL like that!”

Jayda Cheaves, on the other hand, said that it was nothing like fans were making it out as she is a fan, but she has social anxiety.

“Hell nah i love himmmm. A lil nervous cuz PR was like go get your pic and put me on the spot,” she commented under the video posted by Neighborhood Talk on Instagram.

Jayda IG comment
Jayda IG comment

Despite LL Cool J being around for decades and being one of the biggest hit-makers in hip hop, some persons felt that Jayda, 23, might genuinely not have known how big an artist he is.

“To be far she probably don’t who who tf he I frfra a bby lol she probably like arddd now grandpa I got to go,” one person joked.

Jayda later posted a video clarifying that she meant no disrespect to the Hip Hop legend.

“I really do not want you guys to think that I was being disrespectful, if you know you y’all know I’m cool as F with everybody I meet….I was backstage actually practicing for the announcement on BET and we were in the room with the prompter and on of my PR friends said LL Cool J is outside go take a picture with him. I’m like ‘really?, OMG’…mind you I’m in the middle of going over what I had to say in front of the whole BET awards, so I was already just nervous, So when I met him, I love him but I instantly froze up,” she awkwardly laughs.

Cheaves continues, “also when someone tapped me when I already took the picture with him Im thinking it was the PR telling me to do something but it was freaking LL Cool J! so sorry no disrespect.”

She added that she “would love to meet him again,” adding that she was focusing on her presentation, but she was nervous about her public speaking as well as meeting the rapper… “I was so scared to do that…it was a lot for little old me,” she said and asked fans not to think she was being snobbish to the rapper.

Written by Rebel Nation


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