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Kabaka Pyramid Withdraws From US ‘Good Vibes Summer Tour’ For Two Weeks – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 20, 2021

Well Done singer Kabaka Pyramid and his Bebble Rockers Band have withdrawn from the Rebelution-led Good Vibes Summer Tour of the United States, for two weeks.

The Jamaicans will not return to action until August 29.

The intricate details of the withdrawal were not given, but based on the information posted on the artist’s social media pages and comments from his fan, the withdrawal has to do with the COVID-19 virus.

“It is with a heavy heart that Kabaka Pyramid and the Bebble Rockers announce they will mi the next two week of the Good Vibes Summer Tour as they take precautionary measures and follow the CDC’s recommended COVID-1 protocols.  Kabaka Pyramid and his Bebble Rockers are currently scheduled to return to the GVST21 on August 29th at the Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville Or.,” he wrote in an IG statement.

“We apologize and hope that everyone will understand the decision that we made as we were looking forward to seeing you all.  We would like to reassure all fans that everyone is feeling fine and in good spirit at this time.  Thank you for your understanding and stay safe out there.  We will be back soon.”

He also added: “Our deepest apologies. Touring life will never be the same, these things happen in the adaptation process
Guidance and protection.   See you all soon!”

Kabaka’s pull-out comes two weeks after British Reggae veterans Steel Pulse withdrew from the tour ahead of its commencement, citing the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant and “high-risk health concerns” of band members.

The tour, which also features fellow Jamaican singer Keznamdi, got underway in Fresno, California, on August 5 and will run until October 2, where it will end in Virginia Beach, with performance in-between panning cities such as Phoenix, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Spokane in Washington; Eugene, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Steel Pulse had posted on its Instagram page, that due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 Delta variant and the high-risk health concerns to its band and crew, they had “come to the difficult decision” to cancel their participation” in The Good Vibes Summer Tour.

“We are devastated to share this news with you. We know this will come as an enormous disappointment to all those looking forward to Steel Pulse this summer. We understand the gravity of the situation for all those affected by this announcement and feel it’s the right decision for us based on the rapidly changing health and safety information available today,” the band wrote.

Over on Rebelution’s IG page where Kabaka’s message was shared, many fans recommended that their tickets be refunded, as too many of the opening acts were withdrawing.

“So what is really going on? First, The Green, then Steel Pulse and now this. But The Green is performing at other venues. Start allowing refunds,” hirena wrote.

Still followers seemed to be not in the know as to the specific reason for the withdrawal, some speculating that the artiste had been either forced to withdraw due to his anti-vaccination stance, or maybe someone in the group had been exposed to, or presented with COVID-19 symptoms.

“I’m seeing a lot of shade being thrown toward Kabaka about some conspiratorial sounding allegations regarding covid and ‘what they represent’… I was at the show in Hollywood last week and KP literally spoke to the crowd during their set & used the word ‘plandemic’. And by the way the set was legit, I had never heard of them until that show,” some_hippie wrote.

“C’mon I definitely think they are living up to what they represent, as a matter of fact it appears like they are looking out for their fellow brothers and sisters while the nation is trying to curb illness. I don’t know who needs the humbling but it’s not KP.   The entire tour will get shut down if bands don’t adhere to regulations and they are doing what they have to do to get back as soon as they can. The haters will forget about it in two weeks,” he added.


Written by Rebel Nation


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