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Konshens Shares Release Date, Cover Art And Track List For New Album ‘Red Reign’ – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | October 14, 2021

Dancehall star Konshens has announced that his fifth solo studio album titled Red Reign will be released on Friday, November 12.

The 18-track long album will include the already released banger collab Pay For It featuring Spice and Rvssian, Boom Bang with Nigerian singer DaVido, Eye Contact and Can’t Stay Sober.

There’ll be features with British rapper Stefflon Don, Puerto Rican musician Rafa Pabön, Bermuda singer Kaelyn Kastle, and Konshens’ compatriots Dre Island, Kemar Highcon, and Jesse Royal.  See the full tracklist below.

  1. Season 4 Intro
  2. Mirror (feat. Stefflon Don)
  3. Gun Head
  4. Want To Love
  5. Boom Bang (feat. DaVido)
  6. It’s Cold (feat. Dre Island)
  7. Pay For It (feat. Spice & Rvssian)
  8. Purple Touch
  9. Toxic Interlude
  10. It’s Sexy
  11. Take a Shot
  12. No Style (feat. Kemar Highcon)
  13. Less Is More
  14. Eye Contact
  15. Just Life (feat. Jesse Royal)
  16. She Got It (feat. Rafa Pabon)
  17. Cold Hearted Girl (feat. Kaelyn Kastle)
  18. Can’t Stay Sober


In a series of red-themed promotional photos and videos released on his Instagram today, Konshens shared the album’s official artwork and previewed the type of music audiences should expect from the Ineffable Records project.

Konshens’ ‘Red Reign’ album

“Red Reign is inspired by Konshens‘ signature red hair and his dominance in the genre. His reign over reggae continues post-pandemic with an edgier sound and an evolution of the artist himself,” according to a press release.

According to Konshens, “The world has changed, and the events of the last year have affected us all. The experience was challenging but helped me evolve my creative process and my perspective. I am excited to start a new era of my career through an edgier sound and a renewed understanding of my music’s impact on my audience.”

“When the world faced a crisis, we all had to figure out how to cope with it. Fortunately, I had the outlet of creativity to channel those emotions, and that process made me realize that my music is an outlet for people to escape the trauma. Music is the therapy that some people are craving. I have a deeper responsibility to my craft and my audience to deliver something that is impactful and gives them the escape they need after this unprecedented year.”

Konshens plans to release additional trailers and previews on his social media in the month leading up to the November album release date. This rollout will include his lead single, She Got It. The album will be available for pre-order starting today.

Written by Rebel Nation


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