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Kranium Says ‘Gal Policy’s’ Message Was Intended For Men – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 24, 2021

The Melody Gad Kranium, a year after the release of his smash hit and the very controversial Gal Policy, took to Instagram Live to give a breakdown of the song’s lyrics, for fans wondering about its intended audience.

Released in the heat of the lockdown last March, Gal Policy, produced by Jahvy Ambassador, has amassed 31 million views on YouTube and was remixed to feature Nigerian singer-songwriter, Tiwa Savage.

Before going to Instagram, Kranium tweeted “The biggest confusion is that people think Gal Policy is for a side chick or a wife when the whole time I’m dissing my girl husband”.  The tweet, which garnered much traction, evoked mixed responses as fans had their own interpretation of the controversial song.

On his Instagram Live on Friday, Kranium cleared up the debate, and stated absolutely that the song was written for men. As the name suggests, the lyrics of Gal Policy is a policy for men on how to treat their illicit affairs.

“The logic behind the song is not necessarily mi a tell a sidechick say don’t call mi after nine o clock… It was just me a tell a bredda say weh yah do a f—kry yah do and yuh nah do it right,” Kranium said.

Intrigued by the many different interpretations of his song, Kranium states that he was “talking to whoever the man is of the female that I am f—king.”

“When mi say gal policy, I was having a one-on-one conversation with the fella, not with a female,” he emphasized.

Analysing lyric by lyric, Kranium dissected the true meaning and justification for each rule and regulation of the Gal Policy.

Starting with the opening lyrics, “Some bwoy nuh have no life / How yuh have some gyal ah road ah style fi yuh wife? / Ah yuh yard? Dem ting deh me nuh like / Lucky she nuh stab yuh wid a knife / And some bwoy ah f–k some waste gyal a road” Kranium reasoned that cheating men should at least ensure that their ‘sidechick’ “look good enough” so at least their wife while upset about the situation can admit that their man has class.

Debunking the confusion surrounding the lyric “after nine o’clock she cyaan’ call me”, Kranium states firmly that he was never addressing any female but rather reasoning with men that this is how they should handle their illicit affairs by setting boundaries.

“I was never talking to a female… mi jus a say my yute nuh gyal mi f—k cya start no drama enuh, I’m just saying bredda whatever yah do yuh nah do it right mi bredda because she a tell mi wah a gwaan and that’s why mi deh yah a mek she feel betta”

Kranium also underscored the introduction of the song as key to understanding the narrative. The introduction, which is a female’s distressed voice note complaining, “Yow what is this? Are you serious right now? Put your girls in check nuh I cant believe this shit, boy Are you serious right now? Don’t violate me, seriously” sets the tone for the well written Gal Policy. Thus, Kranium is now addressing the significant other of the female, highlighting that he needs to get his act together, while at the same time, benefitting from his downfall, as Kranium is now hearing the female’s complaints and being more than just a confidant to her.

As stated in the lyrics, “treat yuh gyal bad she ago cheat as you blink / now yuh mek a prick get di link / f—k yuh gyal inna di kitchen, wash me d—k inna di sink”

The Melody Gad clearly has an affinity towards these controversial topics, with his hit single Nobody Has To Know, glorifying a secret affair, his 2018 single, Last Night, where being teased by friends he protects the details of a sexual experience, and his recently released Toxic EP.

Perhaps, Kranium needs to start a masterclass that teaches the yutes the Gal Policy.

The singer will release a new song this Friday titled Life Of The Party featuring Young T and Bugsey.

Written by Rebel Nation


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