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Kyodi Calls Out ‘Sir P’ In New Song ‘Asset’: Watch – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 15, 2021

Rapidly rising Dancehall artist Kyodi, of Aidonia’s 4th Genna camp, seems to have officially drawn a line in the sand against one of violence-themed Dancehall music’s biggest critics, the mysterious and authoritative YouTube persona, Sir P (of Politricks Watch), with the release of his new song, Asset.

Produced by Chemist Records and Raheef Music, the two-minute-and-36-seconds track begins with what appears to have been a veiled warning to Sir P: “Wa happen to yuh Sir P? Gwaan easy man. Bay badman deh ya suh, yuh hear dat?”

While it is unclear if the Sir P reference was intended as a direct attempt to call the popular YouTube figure out, it’s certainly a ballsy move by the When Mi Nice deejay, as invoking Sir P’s name in Dancehall music, for some, is a bit of a taboo, if not downright dangerous.

Sir P has managed to amass a large following on YouTube, racking up some 233 thousand subscribers, primarily because of his channel’s specialty – an apparent intricate network of strategically and highly placed individuals dedicated to uncovering the criminal underworld in Jamaica and its strong connections to politics and entertainment. For the most part, that mission has not earned Sir P any favors or friends in the Dancehall arena, and given his apparent disdain for some of the genre’s more iconic figures – like Vybz Kartel, whom he refers to as ‘World Sprat’, mocking his ‘World Boss’ moniker, it was only a matter of time before he would be publicly addressed.

For most observers, the only surprise in this equation is that it is Kyodi, the former Kingston College and Excelsior High school student, who fired Dancehall’s first lyrical shot in Sir P’s direction.


Kyodi’s Asset, which is no doubt another ‘badman anthem’, masterfully accomplishes its mandate of offering a thrilling yet familiar dive into one of the genre’s low-hanging fruits – crime and violence, while surprisingly managing to be just as much about loyalty to one’s home base – in his case, Big Yard, Mannings Hill Road in St. Andrew. Additionally, while Kyodi’s lyrical talents cannot possibly be denied, the growing success of his latest project, which at the time of this writing is at No. 6 on YouTube’s Music Trending chart, is certainly helped by the fact that it takes place on one of Dancehall’s hottest riddims right now – the 1Matik Riddim. And fans have appreciated it. Having already secured a 129 thousand views on YouTube up to press time, fans poured in their support for his performance on the track, as well as the track itself, with one fan noting, “See the song ya fi the riddim. Well done, Kyodi. The man inna him element now…”.

Another posted, “Whoeva mek da riddim ya muss a smile right now.”

One fan even went on to claim that Aidonia’s 4 Genna Music has the hottest artists out right now, and with this lyrical flex by Kyodi in ‘Asset’, there may be some truth to that.

While the song continues to rack up commendations among new fans and old, it is to be seen if Kyodi’s bold declaration will be enough to elicit a response from the mysterious Sir P, who is no doubt aware that he and most dancehall artistes, at least as far as publicly held principles go, are on opposite sides of the fence.

Press play on Kyodi’s Asset above.

Written by Rebel Nation


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