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‘Landmark Song But I Don’t Like The Concept’ – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 24, 2021

Even as female fans continue to lap up Dexta Daps’ breakout hit 7Eeven, years after its release, his mentor Bounty Killer told the singer a few days ago, that he remains uncomfortable with some aspects of the song’s lyrics.

Several days ago, following one of his sold-out shows in Philadelphia, the No Underwear singer, who is the Warlord’s top pick for global Dancehall dominance, tagged Bounty in a video he posted of himself doing a rendition of 7Eleven a song, which on the surface centers around a woman whom Dexta Daps loves in spite of her supposedly huge number of sexual partners.

“Watch d @grunggaadzilla @versusbattleru dance.   Abt 6 years nowww and this songggggggg still… 7’11… Da bandsssssss d bansssss… kech mixxxx… d energy of my fans is unexplainable, u gotta just b there……..Philadelphia ,” Dexta captioned the video which began with him mimicking the Warlord’s now infamous Verzuz dance.

Bounty Killer, obviously pleased at Dexta’s fiery reign of Dancehall performances, responded: “Hahaha landmark song still although I don’t like the concept…”

In response, an amused Dexta hailed his Seaview Gardens compatriot noting: “@grunggaadzilla my general .”

Dexta Daps’ 7Eleven was released in January 2015 on the Street Shots, Volume 11 album.   The lyrics speak to gossip-mongering women, as well as men, who want to destroy his relationship with the love of his life, by telling him that she was involved in multiple relationships with other men and was also cheating on him. Dexta makes it clear, in the song, that there was no way in heaven or hell that he was going to leave the love of his life as, among other things, he did not believe the cheating rumors.

In addition, he sang that he was enjoying her body and so did not care who she was involved with prior to himself, even if the number of partners ranged from seven up to 11, something celebrated among men in Jamaica but frowned upon for women.

The ‘multiple partners by women’ seems to be what Bounty Killer, who was proudly ranked and praised by Foota Hype two years ago, as one of Dancehall’s top womanizers, is referring to.

In October 2019, Foota Hype, who was a part of Bounty’s Alliance outfit, proudly revealed that he ranked Bounty among the most promiscuous men in Dancehall history, comprising an elite list of womanizers whom the selector dubbed the “Top Five genna inna gyallis ting”.

Among the other womanizing elites Foota said, were Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Ninjaman and Spragga Benz, whom Foota said were “extreme with their gyallis behavior”.

7Eleven was shrouded in a bit of controversy in June 2015, interestingly, not due to its lyrics but due to Dexta’s fans complaining that the song’s accompanying video was mediocre and boring and did not match up to what the lyrics were saying.

Dexta had subsequently removed the video and also told The Star tabloid in an interview that the video, which was shot that January, was not supposed to have been released, and that it was not completed “because he did not approve of the quality of the video and had opted out of shooting more scenes”.

“I did two scenes and could not do anymore because I didn’t like the direction of the video. I wasn’t pleased with the selection of the girls also,” Dexta had said at the time.

“When I was asked to shoot the other scenes, I told them no because I wasn’t comfortable with the video and they said OK,’ he had added, noting that he went on to say that he too was surprised when the link to the video began circulating.

“It hit me exactly how it got my fans. This is not something I would put out to the world. I understand why I’m being blamed for it because it is my name that is on the song, but this is not a video I approved or would put out. The video nuh ready. You caan have a big song like 7 Eleven and dis a di video you put out to the fans,” Dexta had said.

Written by Rebel Nation


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