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“Mockery And Disrespect To The People” – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 15, 2021

Beenie Man was among the Dancehall artists, who were hopping mad after seeing a social media video featuring Agriculture Minister Floyd Green and Councillor of the Mona Division Andrew Bellamy with a slew of maskless people, cavorting at a hotel and toasting to a COVID-19 no-movement day comment.

The news which was broken by the Gleaner newspaper last evening, noted that the video was “posted on Twitter at 8:32 p.m by @darkkswan”.  According to The Gleaner, “sources close to the event have confirmed that it was a birthday celebration Tuesday at the R Hotel in St Andrew for an associate of Green”.

Tuesday, however, was a no-movement day as part of measures set by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

Green has since resigned, according to the Gleaner.

In the video, Green and Bellamy, who is CEO of Xaymaca and Sleek joined with others in the maskless group, laughing and talking loudly and cheering as and raising glasses in a toast after one of the merry-makers said: “no movement day”.  The gleeful politicians also cheered to the JLP slogan “Shower Labourite,” as they laughed and talked.

An edited video of the merrymaking which was posted on ZJ Sparks Instagram page, evoked a series of comments, some critical, some jeering.

Among those expressing disappointment was Beenie Man, who was heavily fined months ago for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act. “Mockery and disrespect to the people,” he wrote.

Beenie Man

No Underwear artist Dexta Daps, on the other hand, dismissed Green and company as behaving like juveniles. “Childish is all I can sayyyy…smdh,” the Seaview Gardens artist wrote.

Upcoming female deejay Goody Plum made it clear that she was fed up with the entire Andrew Holness-led administration. “Dem sick mi!!! From Andrew gu right down,” she stated.

Also commenting was musicologist and producer Kurt Riley. “I dont talk @sparkiebabyofficial nah lie. Even when the disrespect is right in our faces as a people, we still take it. Jah Jah,” the Party Animal producer said.


Minister Green and Councillor Bellamy’s shenanigans did not escape the eyes of It’s a Pity artiste Tanya Stephens, who is a harsh critic of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

She shared the video on her Instagram page and made a sarcastic remark aimed at the JLP leader. “Look pon dem cornershop people ya a try trick we! Chicken back and big jill a oil yuh say @andrewholnessjm???? Not rose? Cool,” she captioned her post.

She was supported by fellow artiste Bling Dawg.


According to The Gleaner, Green met with Prime Minister Andrew Holness this morning and indicated that he would be withdrawing from Cabinet.

“I have disappointed so many,” Green said in a statement. “My family including my son, my Prime Minister and most importantly, the people of Jamaica who I have sworn to serve.”

“No matter how briefly, and regardless of the circumstances, I should never have participated in any engagement that could indicate a lack of appreciation of the difficult and serious realities that now face the entire country,” the statement said in part.

“My actions have demonstrated a lack of sensitivity for the difficult realities that all of us are facing currently. It was wrong.”


Written by Rebel Nation


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