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Nadine Sutherland Says Jamaican Entertainers Are ‘Hiding And Jooking’ – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | October 1, 2021

Action singer Nadine Sutherland says while she will not take back her Twitter post about Jamaican artists hiding and secretly taking the COVID-19 vaccine, contrary to a media report yesterday, she did not chide her musical compatriots, neither did she take sides in the vax vs anti-vax debate.

“Yesterday, I realized that some people are hiding and ‘jook’. Hide an jook is a talk on the streets. Some Entertainers are taking the jook secretly, not wanting their fans to know. Hmmmm, November is going to be interesting, I guess some will be outed. The US dollar beckons!” Sutherland had Tweeted shortly after 6 o’ clock on Wednesday morning.

Her sentiments are similar to her compatriot, Mr. Vegas, who has been preaching from last week that many of Jamaica’s stars who were publicly denouncing vaccination, would hide and get inoculated.

She echoed Vegas’ sentiments after one Twitter had asked her whether artists saw no “benefit from helping to save the lives of their fans by encouraging people to be vaccinated?”

In turn, she had responded: “My thoughts are, some are ‘trapped’. They personally understand how important it is to be vaxxed, but they publicly endorse the anti-vax mindset of a lot of people in Jamaica, which includes their fan base. Some are just anti vaxxers.”

After Nationwide Radio carried the news noting that Sutherland had been “chiding some entertainers for taking the Covid-19 vaccine in secret”, the Baby Face singer had replied, saying her post was not chiding anyone, but was simply stating a well-known fact.

“Never chided anyone in my post,” she wrote this morning.

“@NationwideRadio, I highlighted humorously a phenomenon that is not only happening in our music Industry, but, generally in the society. There was no judgement or incrimination towards anyone, in my post. Be blessed,” the University of the West Indies past student added.

In another tweet, she noted again: “I did not chide anyone @NationwideRadio.  My post was not meant to incriminate or judge. My intent was to humourously highlight an occurence, happening not only in the music Industry, but, the general society. Words are powerful, be careful. Love and Light.”

The former Tastee Talent Competition winner also took to Instagram where she shared Nationwide’s post and noted that she was not retracting her comments, but that the radio station had misconstrued some of what she had said.

“Happy Thursday lovely people. Yesterday, I made a post highlighting a current situation in the Jamaican music industry, about ‘hide and jook’.   I’m not retracting, as this is a true phenomenon that is occurring, not only in our Entertainment industry, but generally, in societies, across the world.
The reality is, people a ‘hide an jook’.” she wrote.

“It’s crazy how this blew up, as my intent was to humorously state this fact.   Some people got it and laughed, some wanted to understand this occurrence from a deeper level, while others … Wow, unnu deep sah,” she added.

Sutherland, who turned 53 in March, also noted that she did not want to be dragged into a vaccination war.

“There is no evidence in that post that had me incrimnating or judging anyone for this choice! None at all! I know, I cannot control the lenses of how people interpret the world, or my words. Considering the current atmosphere, where the furor and passion among Vaxxers or anti vaxxers is at a high, I guess anything said will be viewed from one’s particular lenses. However, do not drag me into this unnecessary war, life is hard enough!” she stated.

“Anyway, I hope the conversation about the need to hide an jook will be continued @nationwide90fm, but, done in a respectful environment. Anyway, enjoy your day!”

Last week, Vegas had told his followers that he was predicting that Jamaican artists who were running their mouths would hide and get vaccinated.

“Yuh haffi get di two jab fi guh a Canada right now… I told you dat long time seh dem a guh meck yuh caan fly.  Wha yuh a guh do?” the Heads High singer had said.

“All di artiste dem weh did a meck up noise an a talk all kinda ting and a tell people all kinda suppm, mi tell oonu seh a foolishness dem a talk becaw when dem a guh a Africa, dem teck vaccine.  Di whola dem teck vaccine and oonu a guh deh deh and a seh how di whola dem man deh a fly an dem nuh teck di vaccine?”

“Everyone a dem a guh teck d cvaccine and  dem naw guh come back com tell yuh.   But dem want yuh launch revolution n dem ting deh…Because Europe and dem place deh not gonna let in anybody who is not a European unless dem vaccinated…,” he said.

Written by Rebel Nation


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