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Phylisa Prussia Found Alive –

Rebel Nation | October 17, 2021

Jamaican’s have been praying and hoping for nine year old Phylisa Prussia to be found or returned to her family alive, today those hopes and prayers came through.

As reported and confirmed by the police, the little girl was found in St. Thomas, however, news surrounding the situation is sketchy.

It was also revealed that she was reunited with her parents a few hours ago, after being abducted on Thursday.

PM Holness and countless others took to social media on Saturday afternoon to express their relief that the 9 year old has been returned home alive.

As reported earlier a major search was underway for Phylisa which started right after she could not be found about 7:00 pm last Thursday.

The search ended today on a successful note.

According to the reports, the man who is suspected to have abducted Davian Bryan is still on the run with rumours of him crossing over into Portland from St. Thomas.

She was taken from the Bottom Yard District, in Bath, St. Thomas.

The search efforts were lead by her family and persons from the area, Child Protection, as well as multiple Police departments.


According to the reports, the Parents of the child own a shop, which saw the suspected man pulling up on Thursday to make a purchase.

According to Phylisa’s sister who the mother left the child with, to go to another shop to purchase food, her little sister was playing with the dog on the verandah however after a while she heard nothing which she described as strange since she would have usually heard her sister once she is playing with the puppy. She went to check on her younger sister but she was not around.

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