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Popcaan Responds After Blak Ryno Claims He Sold Out Vybz Kartel – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | October 16, 2021

For more than a decade, former GAZA stablemates Blak Ryno and Popcaan have traded disses and jabs—direct and indirect—in song, on social media, and even in a physical altercation at Sting 2012.  The Dancehall stars, who briefly made peace in 2014, are at it again this week, after Popcaan clapped back at Ryno’s recent claims that he was a “sell out” and an “informer.”

“Unruly sell out the GAZA, him a informer, him do too much talking,” Blak Ryno said in an Instagram Live video, alleging that Popcaan was the reason Vybz Kartel was sought by the police prior to his arrest in 2011.

“Mi glad mi never deh deh when dem hold on pon di boss. How come di bloodcl@@t boss get hold on pon and police ah send call him? Too much informing! Too much yapping!”

The Bike Back deejay also insinuated that Popcaan was being protected by the police. “Ah police a protect you suh and dem a take down yuh whole crew.”

He also claims that he’s not the only one from the now-defunct Vybz Kartel-led GAZA camp that thinks this of Popcaan. “Make me tell uno, when you hear Jah Vinci and Shawn Storm and Ryno dem and di whole GAZA ah sing bout informer, ah one person we a talk … one person weh always a carry news. Ah bare informer name Unruly!” he said.

Blak Ryno’s statements triggered several responses from Unruly fans online but that didn’t stop the Badmind singer from charging them as well: “Ah bare informer say ‘Unruly’! Since as uno want give trouble.”

Though he’s currently in Africa and preparing to launch his next studio album, Popcaan also seemingly responded to Ryno’s claims, on Twitter today, with some succinct shade.

“Yuh nuh see them drowning and catching at a straw (laughing face emojis) help them fimme dey!!” he wrote quoting a line from Fast Lane off his 32 track YIY CHANGE FIXTAPE mixtape.

“Look pon di problem weh Poppy cause, artiste a trace like dem wearing dem catty draws … problem fi dem yuh nuh,” Popcaan continued in Fast Lane – in what now appears to be a perfect response to Ryno’s recent outburst.  The fans agreed, too, that Ryno might just be looking for some much-needed hype by name-dropping the Unruly Boss, especially since he hasn’t had a hit track in a while.

Ironically, Popcaan had similarly called out Blak Ryno for being a sell-out, which sparked their feud over 10 years ago.

In 2010—following Ryno’s Mi Lef exit from the Portmore-based GAZA Empire—Popcaan released Dem Sell We Out, a diss track towards Ryno, in defense of Kartel.

Ryno responded with U Vex Ee, which was the first of many tracks directed at Popcaan and the empire. “How dem mean mi sell out? Freedom ova bondage mi sey, life ova death, good ova evil,” he responded in the track.

Popcaan and Ryno, who collaborated on 2009’s Tell U Bout We, seemed to be back on good terms between the launch party for the former’s Where We Come From album in 2014 until, at least, 2016 when Ryno defended his “little brother” during a feud with Mavado.

However, in March of this year, Ryno declared that he was going to start speaking up for himself amid his much-criticized skin bleaching episode, and surprisingly took aim at Popcaan again.

In April, he alluded to a fan that there was no chance he would ever renew a friendship with Popcaan.

Written by Rebel Nation


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