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Popcaan Unveils ‘Unruly X Daily Paper’ Capsule – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 3, 2021

Dancehall’s ‘Unruly Boss’ Popcaan in collaboration with Amsterdam-based fashion brand Daily Paper officially launched a new clothing venture, the Daily Paper x Unruly capsule today (September 2).

The new capsule was first unveiled at an exclusive Daily Paper event in London over the Bank Holiday weekend and it is now available for purchase on their website.

The Daily Paper x Unruly capsule is comprised of six signature pieces, titled after Popcaan’s Unruly Entertainment imprint that features jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and headgear that incorporates Popcaan’s Jamaican heritage along with his love of biker culture.

The collection is designed inspired by colors and patchwork of the Jamaican flag merged with artwork of his Unruly trademark. Popcaan’s caricature also appears on a few of the tees in the collection and from the looks of it, the collab was a long time coming as the Dancehall star sports a buzz cut, which he got last year May.

Speaking via Zoom with GRM Daily today, Popcaan said, “It’s been a while since this was supposed to happen and Isaac (Kimbugwe) has been trying to make it happen and I’ve been trying to make it happen.

“It was a long process because obviously my hair, if you notice on those clothes, I have the buzz trim. It was a long process but we enjoy it and we made it work and I’m glad I did,” he said.

He added, “Nothing don’t happen before it’s time and the time is right now. Everyone is excited for it and so am I and I know that it will be a blessing. I know that people will try to get it.”

Poppy has been in London for a few weeks now to promote the Daily Paper x Unruly capsule venture, which marks a massive career move for the star who comes from humble origins in Jamaica’s St. Thomas parish.

“I was at the mall and I was looking at the Daily Paper section and I was like ‘I’m about to have some clothes over there in a minute. God is good.’”

“Big up Isaac and the whole team from Daily Paper and big up the whole Unruly Entertainment same speed because everyone put in a lot of work to make it happen and the crew came to Jamaica and they did an amazing job. It was worth it.”

Though the capsule became available today, Poppy had already given fans a peek of some of the pieces in the collection on Instagram months ago.

“When I watched how it was going and I see everything falling into place. When I got the first sample, they was telling me, well I didn’t get that information until after, that I wasn’t supposed to show it to anyone and I was already wearing it.”

When asked what was his favorite item on the line, his answer was enthused and direct.

“The mask because I love bikes, I’ve got a lot of bikes at home so it’s like, when I look on that whole suit, it’s like I’m ready to touch the road and bike instant but I know I’m jumping in my truck in that suit as well because you can pull up anywhere in it.”

“I just want everybody to go out and support it and whenever you get it, you’ll enjoy it. We have greater things in the pipeline.”

Titled after his Unruly Entertainment imprint, the name of the line means something to the artist and he reflects on the origins of Unruly with pride.

“Unruly is the reflection of me, of who I am. I was always that person when I was growing up, I always did my own thing. A lot of people don’t appreciate me for that but I always try to create my own rules and break my own rules.

“Unruly is something that is to inspire the yutes and let them know that they can believe in themselves and achieve what they want and they don’t have to be pushed around by anyone.

“Unruly is a reflection of me, 100 percent.”

The Dancehall star has always had an affliction for fashion, as seen through his bold outfit choices and music, like his global smash hit feature on Vybz Kartel’s Clarks from back in 2011, and his fashion-centric 2016 track Fresh Jordans.

On fashion, the dancehall star told GRM, “My fashion ting is kind of weird you know because sometimes tings weh mi like fi wear, a lot of people don’t like it but I like to like go with my own style you know?

“And if somebody says ‘these things don’t go together, I make them go together. I’m very confident when I’m doing it so that is all that matters really.

“And it’s like, from I was growing up and going to school concerts and concerts at church and those things, it was always about fashion. We always tried to be creative to present we self. It’s the same thing now.”

Popcaan’s newest venture, Daily Paper x Unruly capsule is available now in all the flagship stores of Daily Paper and The Unruly Shop.

Written by Rebel Nation


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