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Queenie Trashes Popcaan After He Curved Her At Beenie Man’s Show In London – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 29, 2021

The Unruly Boss Popcaan has found himself on the wrong side of Double Tap artist and social media personality Queen Ladi Gangsta, aka Queenie, after a perceived slight at the Wray and Nephew concert, headlined by Beenie Man in London, on Friday night.

The drama began brewing after Queenie uploaded an invective-laden video which she took on her way from the event, aimed at the Forever artist, accusing him of disrespecting her by abruptly walking off after she was trying to exchange pleasantries with him.

A short while after, she posted a video clip of the exchange between herself and Popcaan, which showed her holding him and trying to steer him toward her so he could be in the frame of her camera.

“Hey man, a you dis?  Hey St. Thomas man. A di queen dis…,” she is heard saying.

However, Popcaan, seemingly taken aback at her forwardness, can be heard saying a few words, seemingly of disapproval about the manner in which he was approached, based on his tone and body language.  Following that Queenie can be heard muttering: “A di fuss mi si yuh inna real life.  Das why mi hug yuh up.”

But Popcaan, seemingly still annoyed, unceremoniously takes his leave, leaving Queenie mortified.

She then posted four other videos, all intended at hammering the Unruly Boss.

At bedtime, Queenie was up in her bed cursing Popcaan in what seemed to be a heralding of the upcoming all-day crusade against the St. Thomas native.  It was at that point that it became apparent what Popcaan had said to Queenie as she said that he had claimed that she had “pulled” him, thus his vexed response.

At daybreak, on Saturday she was at it again in a tirade aimed at guaranteeing that Miss Rhona’s son had no peace.  Outdoors now, she got out of her car and declared, among other things that she would accept no apology from Popcaan, that she was taken to the VIP section of the venue by Wray and Nephew officials and was speaking to Beenie Man when Popcaan walked by and she used the opportunity to converse with him.

In her next one-minute video she continued the tirade, saying that Popcaan was at the VIP section where the artists, celebrities and “important people” were and “insulted” her there.

Queenie’s onslaught reached a crescendo after Popcaan posted a now-deleted, provocative post on his Instagram Stories which said: “Couple IG followers mek dem swear dem a celebrity… so sad”, along with some laughing emoticons.

Queenie shared Popcaan’s post, but not before ripping into the Numbers Don’t Lie artist, in her penultimate post.

“Suh, a only celebrity yuh acknowledge?  Gweh! Drake don’t like yuh!  Ongle sing yuh sing! Mi do every bloodclaat ting; mi cuss; preach, mi counsel; mi a madda. Mi a wife.  Mi a queen.   A wha happen to yuh Popcaan?  Get ahold a yuh dirty bloodclaat self . Yuh gone too far.   A who yuh dis?  A who yuh insult?  Oonu haffi guh kill bloodclaat me.  Memba mi tell oonu bombo hole dat.  Till death do us bloodclaat part,” she shouted.

“Caw mi neva did a guh stay silent.  An anybaddy weh sen mi any bloodclaat threat, mi life deh pony uh bloodclaat head.  Hear dat.  F-ck yuh feel like, bout likkle IG followers.  I am a celebrity!  Weh di f-ck? A you alone a celebrity?  You is jus a singer.  All if di people dem nuh hear yuh song dem nuh memba yuh…,” she ranted.

Seemingly satisfied that she had effectively told off Popcaan orally, she resorted to giving him a  word of caution about his future interactions with fans, from a biblical perspective, but punctuated with expletives.

“The number of flowers u have does not make u better than any 1…. Hitler had millions jesus had 12 a buy you buy followers popcarn mi work hard fi my own mi never yet you cant be everybody cup ah tea but yoh cant take mi for no f-cking mug f-ck offf,” she wrote.

Here are some fan reactions to the Popcaan and Queenie beef.

Written by Rebel Nation


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