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Spice And Jada Kingdom Plot Their First Collaboration – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 31, 2021

Dancehall artist Jada Kingdom fished for a music collab with the Queen of Dancehall Spice but it appears she doesn’t have to throw her net too far.

The Banana singer rallied fans on social media on Sunday morning (August 29) as she requested the collaboration with Spice. She also shared a photoshopped pic of herself and Spice so everyone could perceive her vision and wrote in the caption, “Good morning everyone, please tag @spiceofficial & ask her when we aguh collab! …thanks, bye! .”

Jada didn’t have to wait long for the Send It Up singer to respond.

Spice hit her back within the hour to say, “MONDAY MORNING AS MI LAND. Bright and early Weh Yah say now? Mi ready” to confirm that she would most certainly do a collab with Twinkle.

With the recent concerns about what little Dancehall collaborations they are now among young artists, the fan reaction of a possible Spice and Jada teaming was through the roof.

“Ayyyyeeee this woulda sick enuh mi dh picture mi self pan mek headtop a dance,” said one person.

Others who tagged Spice said, “@spiceofficial we’ve been waiting like the children of Israel waited for Moses to part the red sea,” and “@spiceofficial we needddd the collab!! Nowww.”

Among the raving responses, were some people who were convinced that the two Dancehall divas had already recorded a song. In fact, they speculated the track would probably drop anytime soon.

“I think the collab is already you cah fool me. You and jada a ramp too rough , ” said one Instagram user. And “I think they did already [did] jus no come out yet,” added another.

While one fan thought the photo of the two on Jada’s IG post was simply an announcement of an upcoming song. “I really thought this was a single announcement @spiceofficial let’s make it a reality ,” he said.

Spice and Jada Kingdom have been known to be good friends as seen their public interactions, including most recently when Kingdom visited Spice’s show in Bridgeport, and in Texas.  Jada, who previously stated that Spice was a mentor to her, was recently invited to her son’s 14th birthday party last week. The Budum singer had even cut the cake with the birthday boy and given him a big chups on the cheek after.

There have been other collaboration requests in the Dancehall fraternity of late, like Dovey Magnum, who said she slid into Dexta Daps’ DM to ask if he would appear on a song with her. Sean Paul too, has recently disclosed that he is ready for another banger with Rihanna.

Plus, according to Spice, Shenseea was also interested in a collab with the Queen of Dancehall, before things allegedly fizzled due to the Blessed singer’s Jamaican manager, Romeich.

Written by Rebel Nation


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