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Spice Goes On Intergalactic Mission In Cinematic Visuals For ‘Send It Up’: Watch   – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 15, 2021

Queen of Dancehall Spice had a stellar opening week for her new album 10 to say the least. With rave reviews from various outlets (including ours) plus billboards in Times Square, Spice has been over the moon about the response and the only place left for her to go was…up.

The acrobatic deejay takes on an intergalactic space mission to find the perfect male specimen in her latest video, Send It Up. Hilarious antics ensue (with cameos from comedians World Dawg and Slick Whiteline) but Spice didn’t come to play, as the old, young and well-endowed see how they measure up with the waistline warrior Queen.

Many have lauded the transportive quality of Spice’s debut LP: a nostalgic medley of booming 90’s dancehall with EDM, R&B and Afropop nudges and an overall inventive cadence. For her fourth music video from the suite, the Inches singer took fans light-years away with a cinematic concept on the sexually charged track. With only ten men left in the universe, Spice must find “the chosen one” to repopulate the planet Zariah.

“Mi cyaan live without man so me ah go find him,” Spice says upon receiving her mission and spends the clip fashionably fulfilling her duty. 


In the Jay Will directed visuals, Spice reaffirms yet another of 10’s track titles: Size Matters. The QOD and her team of experts aboard Starship Spice busily test genetics, waistlines and fitness as Spice lays down the credentials.

“One f— mi gi yuh, we nuh haffi romantic/ Me ah gyal weh like when di sittn gigantic,” Spice declares in the first verse, a lyric that was also quoted by rap queen Nicki Minaj, when she hailed Send It Up as her favorite track on the album.

Even amongst stars and planets, Spice brings her dancehall A game with a Magnum Tonic Wine to power through the mission. After all the raunchy dance moves and lab work, however, the cinematic clip ends in suspense and we never get to see Spice’s cosmic Prince Charming.

She does leave us a clue though, as an unseen character in a spacesuit makes his way towards the lab and it seems we might be in for a follow-up soon. 

10 is clearly the Genie deejay’s magic number — nearly 200K viewers have sent the mini-movie to Top 10 Youtube trending in mere hours. Most weighed in on its cinematic style, while others praised the QOD for taking traditional dancehall to a new frontier.

“All hail the Queen SPICE…this video is out of this world. . literally. Absolutely love it, you are blessed beyond measure. Nuff Love and Respect,” one fan wrote while another praised the blue haired diva’s golden touch, “Queen, you delivered once again, you have the midas touch,  anything you touch is just golden. Once again well done.”

Press play on the Send It Up visuals above.

Written by Rebel Nation


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