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Spice On Whether ‘White People’ Can Wear ‘Graci Noir’ Too – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 18, 2021

Queen of Dancehall and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice says her clothing line Graci Noir caters to all ethnic groups, despite the meaning behind the label’s name.

Upon launching the clothing line in October last year, Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, explained that Graci Noir represented ‘black pride’.  At the time, she was also inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement in the United States, and felt compelled to play her part. “I wanted to start something new that would also carry on my black roots. I wanted to represent my complexion in my line, and so that’s why I went with Noir, which is French for black”, Spice told the Jamaica Gleaner.

“Graci means thankful, and I am so thankful for the support that I have been getting from my fans and followers throughout the years,” she said. “Graci Noir reflects me as a strong, black woman and I want people to wear the brand and feel the same confidence that I feel when I put on these pieces. When you step out in Graci Noir, you need to feel that sense of confidence and boldness.”

To some of Spice’s fans, however, the message may have been confusing, so much so that one person reached out to the Romping Shop deejay recently to ask her if ‘white people’ could wear Graci Noir too.

The Instagram user, Mariolajlover asked, “Spice, your collection is for white people to? I want buy it but some [of] my friends say its not for white people and I cant wear it (sad face).” She continued, “Some people can fell [feel] not good when white people will wear Graci Noir collection” it [is] that true? For me outfit is outfit but maybe I don’t know something about your collection.”

Spice screenshot the conversation to show her followers what her response was, which read, “@mariolajlover Wow this is not true. My collection @gracinoir was made to be represented by all ethnic group. In fact even tho the word “Noir” means black, a Caucasian wearing it would only show support to the black community. Make sure you tag me in your picture so I can show our unity #TogetherWeareStronger #supportblackownedbusinesses Love always.”

In the caption of the post, Spice added, “I feel like posting this because she asked an important question about my brand @gracinoir . Even tho the word “Noir” signify my race, it doesn’t mean that it was only made to be worn by black people. @gracinoir can be worn by any ethnicity #supportblackownedbusinesses


While she felt the need to clarify this to her more than 3 million Instagram fans, the Worl’ Boss – Vybz Kartel, felt she shouldn’t have even wasted her time. “Dumb f-ckin question. She sound all badmine,” he wrote in the comments, which received a surge of replies from Spice’s followers.

Many found Spice’s Conjugal Visit collaborator hilarious.

One person said, “@vybzkartel LMFAO thank you cuz WHAT??? .”

Another added, “Look he has no chill

“Meeeeee doe like kartel a waan tump him n tek weh him social media privileges ,” joked another.

Several fans couldn’t have agreed with him more, “@vybzkartel exactly, feel like that was a setup but @spiceofficial answered right,” said one person.

Graci Noir is now coming up on its one-year anniversary on October 1st and Spice is giving away a gift card worth US$1000 to her “costumer of year,” the details of which she revealed on Instagram today.

“Thank you for shopping with My clothing line @gracinoir October 1st is my one year Anniversary and I’m giving away $1,000 USD gift card to my customer of the year are you a @gracinoir customer ? Hashtag #gracinoir wearing your outfit so you can be selected Shop @gracinoir today CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO,” she wrote.

Spice is embarking on plans to expand her Graci Noir clothing line. “My vision for Graci Noir is to have it being sold in large franchises across the world. It is a brand that has the potential, and I will do everything I have to, to get Graci Noir to where it can be,” she said.

As for her makeup line Faces and Laces, she has already started expanding the collection by launching the Blue Box’, which includes the piano palette, the microphone brush set, the guitar face wash, and the drum cream and eyelash. “It’s next level for all my babies,” Spice said.

The QOD also has a collaboration dubbed the ‘Summer Box’, a partnership with Grind Pretty that includes her Faces & Laces Guitar organic face foam wash, a wigs & extensions collection by Design Essentials, nightshade lip potion courtesy of the Glamatory with a Holographic travel cosmetic bag.

Written by Rebel Nation


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