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Spice Puts ‘Chug It’ On Blast After Promoters Threatened Her With Legal Action Over ‘No Show’ – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | September 7, 2021

Spice wasn’t one to mess with last evening as she put party promoter, Andrew ‘French’ Wright—founder and owner of the CHUG IT party series—on blast after they threatened the Queen Of Dancehall with legal action over her non-appearance at a Miami show over the Labor Day weekend.

On Sunday night (September 5) — the date of the event — a statement was released on the official Instagram page of CHUG IT, which read, “Please be informed that CHUG IT has met all obligations with paying the Artiste Spice $38,773.42 despite the no show. Our attorneys will be proceeding with taking immediate legal action for refund and damage caused.”

The statement triggered a heated reaction from Spice, who wasted no time to hop onto her IG Live to defend her good name and to let the party promoters know: “Uno ‘cant sue me! Uno can sue me but uno cant win!”

Equipped with all her ‘receipts’, including email and text message exchanges, pre-recorded cellphone footage (because she’s a prophet), airline itineraries and Team Spice members as witnesses, Spice told her followers that CHUG IT not only breached their contract days before the event but it’s going to be a “sue for sue” because she will also be seeking legal action for alleged defamation of character.

According to the QOD, who said she has always had a good work relationship with French, things went south on Saturday morning when her dancers were to travel from Jamaica for the show. Spice said the girls woke her to say they received flight cancellation notices via email from Jet Blue airlines, citing issues processing the credit card.

Knowing how important it was for her fans to know the truth about the matter, Spice proceeded to show proof by pulling up the email that confirmed the flights were indeed cancelled.

“Every ticket dem buy, mi nuh know a wha’ happen to dem credit card so it look like seh a me uno want fi give uno some money cause every ticket weh uno buy cancel. Uno card nuh stop cancel and uno card nuh stop decline. You see if mi did follow mi mind uno wouldn’t get a chance fi take liberty ah me,” she said.

Not wanting to disappoint her fans, especially since the promoters posted that the show had been ‘sold out’, Spice knew how important it was for her and her dancers to catch their flights so she decided to front the cash to purchase the tickets.

“Ah me buy mi ticket fi come yah! Andrew you nuh buy nuh ticket for me!” the Romping Shop deejay exclaimed before she retrieved her phone to show evidence of the ticket purchase.

“Long time mi could a turn round and say, hear wah CHUG IT breach dem contract mi not coming!” she said. “But uno nuh stop post say the show sold out, the show sold out and mi say mi nah do that to mi fans dem cause mi fans dem a come love and support me, so me a come! Mi buy mi ticket and come here!”

Spice sweetened the tea even further to also reveal that upon arriving at Miami International airport, no one from the CHUG IT team sent a car to pick her up. Before calling a LYFT driver to get her and the dancers, Spice made several videos to document what was happening, knowing all too well that she needed to start collecting evidence.

“Andrew, mi haffi a hide in a bathroom and when mi look nuh car nuh deh deh fi pick me up! Mi start make a video cause guess wah mi plan fi uno cause mi know ah sup’m uno a plan fi me!” she continued.

“Uno ‘cant sue me! Uno can sue me but uno cant win!” Spice snapped as she went on to show viewers the airport footage and the LYFT invoice.

“A twenty years mi a perform in a Dancehall and mi never miss a flight nuh care how mi have show back to back, nuh care how the flight a 6 o’clock in a morning, mi never miss a show, mi never miss a flight! You deliberately set me up fi me miss dah show yah, I don’t know the reason but you cant trick me!”

“Ah long time mi a video uno, ah long time mi a put down mi receipts, mi see it long time. Me is a prophet. Mi nuh trouble people a suh mi stay. Mi prayer up!” she continued.

The calamity continued when Team Spice arrived at the hotel. Elsie, her business manager, explained that the promoters booked the “Queen” in a standard room. “She never does a regular room” and Spice still had to put her credit card on file, the manager explained. Eventually, Elsie spoke with the hotel manager and secured a suite.

“Alright, strike one, strike two, strike three, mi still a press on,” Spice said.

She told her fans that’s when she decided to send the CHUG IT promoters a personal email requesting an explanation as “the level of disrespect that I’ve been receiving is out most F-CKERY” and showed the document so everyone could see.

According to Spice’s Live, CHUG IT returned an email that apologized for the inconvenience experienced by the So Mi Like It singer and her team and stated that they would rectify the matter.


Spice explained to her fans that the last thing she wanted to do was put CHUG IT on blast. She said CHUG IT is a brand of Jamaica along with other events under the brand like SANDZ and DREAM WEEKEND and as such always tries to do good by them and show them respect despite any behind-the-scene hitches.

The moment the promoters made the allegedly libelous post on social media, however, Spice said they broke the code of respect.

CHUG IT would later remove their original post but instead issued a more detailed statement that placed complete blame on the Frenz artiste.

“We would first like to apologize to all our patrons for the disappointment associated with the staging featuring Spice,” Chug It wrote.

“As Spice will confirm, all obligations to the artiste were fulfilled and full payment was received by Spice, inclusive of deposit, reimbursements, full balance and other associated expenses more than 6 hours before she was set to perform. She was set to be at the venue from 8:15pm, however up until 9:26pm our Representatives did not see her at the venue despite paying thousands of US dollars to ensure that all her requirements were met. We will be seeking legal advice before any other statements are made in response to anymore of Spice’s Lives.”

However, according to Spice, Andrew French sent her an email to apologize and guarantee that the payment was made via cash and Cashapp but it did not fix the situation because she had already told them that she was unable to accept that method of payment. Spice said her contract specifically stated ‘cash only’.

She also said the only reason they ‘attempted’ to make the payment was because she had threatened to go Live on Instagram at 2pm that day if they didn’t compensate her in full.

Spice added that the entertainment company didn’t receive the right permits to host the event in the time slot scheduled for her performance. She was to appear on stage at 9pm and also verified that with a screenshot of the conversation she had with a CHUG IT representative and backed it up with her “human receipt” – her makeup artist Deandra and dancer Tahiri.

Unfortunately, Miami police showed up exactly at 9pm and shut down the venue before she could perform.

“CHUG IT WAS A SCAM. Let the Sue begin!!!” Spice captioned her IG Live, which you can view below.

Written by Rebel Nation


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