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Spragga Benz, Foota Hype And Others Horrified At Montego Bay Cult Sacrifice – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | October 19, 2021

Members of the Dancehall and Reggae fraternity have expressed horror at Sunday night’s bizarre incident in Montego Bay, where two people were killed as part of a human sacrifice during a ritual by members of what the police theorise to be a religious cult.

Spragga Benz, Foota Hype, Ce’Cile, Mr. Lexx, Lila Iké and director of the Reggae studies Unit, Dr. Stanley Niaah all expressed revulsion after news surfaced about the going-ons at the church located in Albion, St. James, where a policewoman aligned to the religious cult, also featured in the dramatic incident.

In addition to the two church members who were sacrificed, a third man who attacked the security forces with a knife was shot dead.

According to Nationwide News Network, a joint team of Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldiers and members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) descended on the church at about 7 o’ clock on Sunday evening, after reportedly received information that the religious cult was in the process of sacrificing some of its members.

Upon infiltrating the premises, the security forces reportedly came under a hail of bullets which were fired by members of the religious cult.  When the gunfire ended, the soldiers and police searched the building and found the body of a woman clad in white, who had been sacrificed, lying face down with her throat slashed, allegedly by a member of the church.

According to Nationwide, a male member of the church was also discovered lying in the prone position with stab and gunshot wounds to his back, and reportedly said that he was shot and stabbed by the pastor and a female police officer who attends the church.

The man reportedly told the security forces that he was about to be sacrificed by the religious cult.

A male member of the church, who allegedly attacked the lawmen with a knife was shot dead by the security forces, while the pastor, who is said to be among the leading members of the religious cult, was captured and taken into custody.

A bevy of female members of the church were all detained, and images have been circulating of them being shooed into military trucks, and according to Nationwide, up to Monday morning, several members of the church remain in custody where they are awaiting interrogation by the police.

On Monday morning, after reading a post shared by ZJ Sparks about the incident on Instagram, Foota Hype, a harsh critic of Christendom, took on the church, declaring that he wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Christians.

“Ok then I have some videos and pics from that place I can’t even post mi nuh want si nuh church mi good wid mi ancestors,” he declared.

He then went to war with andreantomicka after she told him that: “@footahypemusic footah dat a no church. Dem use the word church under disguise”.

“@andreantomicka shut the fuc up,” Foota responded.

He was, however, summarily rebuked by the commenter who replied: “footah a no you alone can talk eno. We all have mouth to speak and mi na tell you to shut up. Your views is your views mine is mine. Ignorance no neccessary.”

The Dark Knight producer was undeterred though.

“@andreantomicka fuc views this is facts mi nuh want hear foolish excuses mi have 0 tolerance fi unu and unu brainwash behavior look how long unu team a do these things kmt,” he stated.

“All Christians are working for the devil and don’t even know that’s what I’m saying and even when unu si di plain truth unu too caught up in the lie to accept the truth the origin of Christianity is evil and wickedness so none a it can’t good I want to have nothing to do wid dem,” he added.

Over on his Instagram page, Spragga shared a post noting: “A wha really a gwaan inna Jamaica… cult sacrificing wi deh now?  WTF”, later adding: “Corrupt”.


Written by Rebel Nation


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