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Tanya Stephens Says She Will Not Be Forced To Reveal Rapist’s Identity – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | October 1, 2021

Rebelution artist Tanya Stephens had a caustic reproach for media houses which she says have been bombarding her team to get disclosure of the name of the Jamaican artist who raped her some 30 years ago.

Yesterday, Stephens took to Instagram to, in no uncertain terms, slam journalists whom she said were becoming nuisances, and a vexation to her spirit, since she relayed her story to Shannon Mack during an Instagram interview where she, for the first time, gave a physical description of her attacker, who mercilessly beat and raped her at age 17.

“To all the journalists in a hover pattern like vultures…please stop badgering me and my people trying to capitalize on the carcass of my former life,” Stephens noted.

“The mock concern is duly noted and politely declined. This topic is not new, and survivors of sexual violence are not hard to find, so miss me with the bullshit. Every single time I talk about my experiences you come snooping for gossip, begging for a name so you can give the piece of shit who assaulted me martyrdom.”

“Fuck off,” she added.

Her sentiments were echoed by her compatriot Mr. Vegas a few days ago, who urged her not to call the name of the perpetrator, as the people pressing her to do so, were not doing it out of concern for her well-being, but wanted fodder for gossip-mongering.

Mr. Vegas

He also said that the fact that the perpetrator was now seemingly on the Christian path, many Christian-minded people will want to castigate her and say ‘let bygones be bygones’, while claiming that the rapist was ‘washed by the blood of the lamb’ and was a ‘new man’ and should be left in peace.

Even as he pointed out that he and Tanya were not on good terms, Vegas said that he was speaking in her own interest, and warned that the day she revealed the name of the rapist, her incident would become another nine-day wonder, which would in a way, prohibit her from speaking out about rape in future.

Prior to dismissing the media houses, the Boom Wuk artist had thanked her fans for their words of support, and wishes for recovery from her decades-old trauma.

“Good morning! Thanks to all the good folks reaching out to reassure me after my interview with @iamshannonmack a few days ago. I appreciate every kind word and gesture,” she had written.

Stephens however, had expressed concern over some of the thoughtless remarks which she said some persons had written in response to her story.

“However, It is truly unfortunate that in 2021 the kind of reasoning still exists which leads people to leave some of the thoughtless comments I’ve seen all over,” she wrote. “The reality is that those comments affect me much less than they affect YOUR children and others around you who are directly subjected to your venom. The environment you help to create is the one YOUR loved ones will have to live in. Your virtual attacks on others become physical attacks on your own,” she added.

Tanya was supported by music producer Cordell “Skatta” Burrell, who noted that he admired her for her strength and courage.

“Big up yuself my one time crush now sista. You the epitome of a strong courageous Queen,” he noted.

Shannon Mack also agreed with Tanya that she did not owe it to anyone to call the name of the perpetrator whom she had indicated in her interview last week, was a “muscular, big diesel man”.

“Yeah F_CK OFF & leave her alone. She don’t gotta say his name at all! U r loved and appreciated, Tanya! Just know that!” she wrote.

Tanya also squared off with one follower ababajah876, who declared that while he was sympathetic, she had taken too long to speak about the matter.

“No female deserve to be rape but when yall get rape, please speak out nuh wait for years to talk. Talk now, caz if not most of the time it sound like we don’t kno wat to believe, caz why would u wait? wat u waiting for!!!!” he had written.

“Speak up ladies speak up from the same day show ur disgust. DONT keep it Caz some people will think ur lying are u was up to it then the deal went wrong SO LADIES TRY TO FIND THE GUTS TO SPEAK OUT !!!!”

He also added: “Ladies u hav to remember that some woman tell lies on men so please speak up so all raper boy can go hell !!!!!! @iamtanyastephens sorry to hear this happened to u hope u will heal and keep safe we love u just wish u could call the name of the person so we can protect our … h u could call the name of the person so we can protect our daughter from that monster!”

In turn, Tanya told him that it was not for him to dictate to victims when to speak about their trauma.

“@ababajah876 protect your daughter from ALL monsters including these horrible words you typed above. If you can’t just be supportive DO NOT SPEAK. Survivors of sexual violence talk ONLY when they are able to and NOBODY has the right to tell them when or how to speak,” she responded.

Written by Rebel Nation


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