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Teejay Says His Career Was ‘Stuck In One Place’ Under Romeich Entertainment – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 19, 2021

It only took one quick ask from Seani B of BBC Radio 1Xtra for Dancehall artist Teejay to dish more on why he left the Romeich Entertainment camp to join the renowned music management company Solid Agency headed by Sharon Burke.

The radio host asked the Dancehall celebrity, “Why did you choose to make that move and tell me about your new management team?”

The Rags to Riches singer said the move was motivated by an inclination to progress his career after feeling stagnant for some time.  He added that he felt the focus was not on him, but more so on other artists in the Romeich Entertainment camp.

“Well, honestly there is nothing to hide bro” Teejay began. “Mi just always know seh Teejay career don’t need somebody who has four, five people to pay attention to you, get me bro. We been doing this from … 2004 you understand, we grow in a music, we learn fi use pro-tools, engineer, build riddim everything so is like mi nuh feel like mi fi sit and wait.”

“Mi have five kids! Fi 2021 and 2020 mi just feel like as a artist mi career just stuck one place, on the outside looking at it, you know dem way deh,” he continued.

Teejay explained that he tried numerous times to discuss a means of elevating his career with his manager at the time but got nowhere.

“Me feel a way bout some tings and like if I all go to a person and say ‘Yo what is the next move?’ A person a [turn the question around and] ask you ‘what’s the next move?’ Yo you feel a way bro. You just feel like you in a di dark, you just feel lost, you nuh know nutt’n weh a gwaan. Like the moment you even say som’n is like ‘oh, you get hype now’… so oh no, I’m the artist so what? Mi nu suppose to know anything bout mi career?” he said.

That entirely aside, the 26-year-old deejay said he respects his former management, after all, they have a long history together, but he simply needed some attention but it wasn’t something they could afford him at the time.

“Is not like there’s a problem, the only problem there is attention never given to my ting bro and we a bad artiste and not just bad artist, we a world artist. Dem say you nuh fi self-proclaim but you have to have self-confidence, you have to believe in yourself,” he said

Teejay however, wanted to make it clear that Romeich did in fact help to progress his career. “Honestly, one thing mi haffi say one hundred percent, mi always a go respect Romeich Entertainment .. because him see the ting [eventhough] mi did already a tour, mi did already a go places … but it just neva structured the proper way and mi respect Romeich Entertainment fi say Teejay, ‘mi cant sign you as an artist but make we structure the ting’ so mi a go always respect you dawg one hundred percent.”

TeeJay, Romeich Major

“You just know when the ting haffi move to next level and some people can take it to the next level, we haffi just take it to as next level … so a just basically dat gwan,” he said.

When asked how has it been since signing to Solid Agency and being managed by industry guru Sharon Burke, Teejay told Seani B it has been “Great!”.

“Sharon pull all some string weh people feel like can’t pull,” he began. “We been a put together the album and as a manager, she tell me she a go do certain things and she already start do what she suppose to do.”

And over at Solid Agency, it’s all about teamwork he continued, “Like teamwork make the dream work bro. No ‘I’ nuh in a team nuh ‘me’ nuh in a team and it’s us! If I lose you lose, you get me bro is not no one man lose, is not me lose and you smile bro, there’s nothing like that bro, so is just teamwork bredda, strong connection, natural respect … and we just a do the right thing likkle by likkle.”

The Dancehall singer said he understands that this new chapter in his career may feel like he’s starting all over again but he has taken a positive approach and just imagine it as an opportunity to reinvent himself. This he feels is the remedy to finally making it big.

“Things take time and mi just tell miself say ‘aright, you’re a new artist, reincarnation, you a grow you hair 10 years now, that is like a decade, trim off you hair now man, approach the business a new way and just tell you self say you want buss’, so right now Seani and buss mi want buss!”

Watch Teejay’s interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra with Seani B here:

Written by Rebel Nation


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