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These are the TOP 10 Performing High Schools In Jamaica Academically

Rebel Nation | August 31, 2021

Jamaica has many High Schools, and some of these institutions over the years or even since their inception have been recognized for their Stellar academic performances and so as a way to highlight this level of achievement, YardHype would love to share the top 10 secondary educational institutions on the island.


The list is based on the average yearly percentage passes in 5 CSEC subjects and more including Mathematics and English for grade 11.

In the 10th position is St. Andrew High School for girls located in the parish of Kingston. The school was established in the year 1925, as a way to unite the Presbyterian and Wesleyan Methodist church, in the name of education for girls and over the years has gone on to maintain a prestigious academic record. Their Csec percentage in passes was recorded to be 92.9 percent, as they continue to strive towards excellence.

The number 9 position belongs to DeCarteret College, which was established in the year 1919 by Lord Bishop Federick Dècarteret, and only started with 20 students in the town of Mandeville; however, the institution became an official secondary school sometime in the 1950s and boasts a 94.4 percentage in CSEC passes.

Taking the 8th position is Glenmuir High located in May Pen, Clarendon. The secondary institution was founded in 1958 by Percival Gibson who established the school initially as a private Coeducational High school to facilitate education in the parish. Glenmuir sports much academic excellence, as their recorded measure in CSEC passes, was documented as 95.14 percent.

In 7th place is Trelawny’s own Westwood High, located in Stewart Town of the parish where it was established in the year 1882 by Baptist Minister Reverend W.M. Webb as a way to facilitate unsegregated education among girls. Academically Westwood High’s last recorded pass rate in the CSEC examinations is at a 95.21 percentage.

The Kingston-based Wolmer’s Girls School is in 6th place with a recorded Csec pass rate of 96.9 percent. The school was created in 1729 with its male counterpart as a part of a trust, even though the two institutions operate on separate academic agendas.

In 5th place across the island is Mount Alvernia High located in Jamaica’s second capital; Montego Bay and was established in the year 1925 by the Allegany Franciscan sisters, as a way to facilitate Junior examinations for Cambridge University as well as other London institutions. Mount Alvernia High, has a 97.66 percentage pass in Csec and currently stands as the highest performing Secondary institution in the parish of St. James.

Hampton High located in the hills of Malvern St. Elizabeth is at number 4 with their Csec pass rate averaging standing at 97.7 percent. The school was established in the year 1858 as a way to educate poor girls in the parish of St. Elizabeth however, over the years the institution has grown to be a prestigious boarding school, with students from all over Jamaica attending, to eventually become women of excellence.


In 3rd place is St. Hilda’s Diocesan High located in Browns Town, St. Ann which was founded in the year 1906 by the Anglican Church. In record of their stunning academic performances, the institution’s average Csec passes were noted to be 98.84 percent. They are also well known to be consistent academic achievers, always copping one of the top spots when it comes to examinations.

Campion College located on Hope Road in Kingston takes 2nd place, with their Csec passes recorded to be an impressive 99.5 percent. The institution is well known for its well-rounded education program, which includes many extracurricular activities that have shaped a lot of Jamaica’s top professionals of today.

Campion College was initially established in the year 1940 as just a Hall on the premises of St. Georges College and later moved to Hope Road as a co-educational institution, by Jesuit Fathers.

In the coveted Number 1 position with a Csec percentage pass(at least 5 subjects) of 100 percent is the well-revered all-girls school Immaculate Conception High, located on Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew. The Catholic-based Immaculate Conception started in the year 1858, as a preparatory school by the Scottish Franciscan Sisters and was handed over to the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in the year 1879.

Just like Campion College, Immaculate boasts a wide range of clubs and societies that gives students a chance to become well-rounded individuals. The institution also sports a large campus with much more facilities than the ordinary Jamaican High school, which gives it an edge in providing its students with the valuable experiences needed to go out in the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading this curation of the top High Schools in Jamaica, and also hope you saw your school in a top spot.

Written by Rebel Nation


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