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“Why Are You Hurting Your People?” – DancehallMag

Rebel Nation | August 28, 2021

Buju Banton squared off with some of his followers again on Instagram, after he posted a statement on his Instagram page aimed at the Jamaican government, which they deemed another of his “conspiracy theories”.

“Why are you hurting your people?” Buju wrote on his IG page on Wednesday. “What have they done to you? How much were you paid? Are you not awardee of the global deaths caused? Why are you holding,  nurse, teachers, workers, children, parents, the nation hostage against their will?  Is it only big business that are a essential?  Until you people stand on your feet, you shall forever be on your knees.  Peace.”

He then added: “u people will pay a heavy price for your ignorance”.

Scores of his supporters wrote notes supporting his comments, many painting pictures of doom and gloom, that the end of humanity was near as they lauded the Til Shiloh artist for his wisdom and evoking of his “third eye”.

His compatriot Spragga Benz, also reshared the post and captioned it: “Relevant Questions to @andrewholnessjm”, while Mavado showed his support of Buju’s arguments by noting: “Real talk” and Foota Hype added; ‘Facts”.

On the other hand, there were others who pounced on Buju, rehashing his drug conviction as a means of discrediting his arguments.

“@bujubanton same way like how you pay heavy fi a sell drugs to yu own brothers and sisters weh cause countless of damages,” madsquad1 wrote.

“@bujubanton we cant afford to believe in alternative theories buju. only the rich can. if we dont get vaccinated we will lose our jobs,” blahhooboo said.

The description of Buju as a prophet did not go down well with followers such as madsquad1.

“He is no prophet – that’s the problem. He is a wolf in sheep clothing… he’s only speaking.  If he was a True leader he would have stand up in person and not behind a screen,” he said of the Grammy-winning deejay.

“Why him don’t hold a news conference?  Why him don’t meet with government?   He’s just winding up people… and when they get lock (up) he’s sitting home chilling,” he added.

Other followers rebuked the Gargamel for what they described as his consistent efforts at spreading propaganda about the COVID-19 virus.

“@bujubanton this right here is reckless and cost lives, I am so ashamed of the way you’ve handle this thing, people are dying and u think it’s ok to miss lead them? Come on man lives are more important than anything else. Me loose off a u,” shaunwell30 declared, while raxjm added: “@bujubanton you will too. Stop the propaganda, there is a pandemic!”

Also expressed annoyance at Buju’s pronouncements was angela404.

“The people perishing are the unvaxxed. This man is leading down the wrong path…also waiting for Buju and others to pay people’s lost wages when they catch Covid and can’t work for two weeks,” she said.

After getting wind that his statements were being attacked, Buju sought to put up a defence.

“The trolls are very active this is a progressive page go to where you here what you want to here . Too much traitors among us…,” he wrote, evoking support from exqusitehairclarke who replied: “@bujubanton true they are brainwash thats why they just roll over like dogs and give their hand and tek the jab God go wid dem respect boss”.

There were other followers though, who decided that they would not ease up on Buju as his antecedents were not good.

“This comn from same mon who got caught selln should b quiete u Just like Rick Ross way u sold ya people out,” raswhitelion rebuked.

Another follower, sivva_tweets decided to point out that Buju was not genuine as he was being very selective in which cause to take up.

why don’t u speak on gay ppl ??? fake woke,”  christopher_c_hall jeered.

“Buju can sign paper not to sing boom bye bye as again n take it down from all plot farm but can’t do the same for the song he sing informer fi dead n other derogatory songs… but him will not sing boom bye bye bcuz its too influential n it will hurt the gays, but informer fi dead songs n other songs nah hurt Jamaican people, unu a hypocrite, tel him to denounce informer fi dead n d rape song…,” he added.

Just over two weeks ago Buju and Spragga, who are Dancehall’s staunchest critics of  COVID-19 containment measures and global vaccination efforts, fell under Instagram’s censorship radar, with Spragga being shadow-banned and one of Buju’s posts being flagged as “false information”.

The two men have been highly contemptuous of the Government of Jamaica’s attempts to inoculate at least 60 percent of the island’s population against COVID-19 and have been consistently making posts arguing that the pandemic was planned to implement, among other things, a “New World Order”.

Written by Rebel Nation


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